Preinstallation Checklist for MongoDB

MongoDB is a third-party software used by the Web Console to add and reply to comments on files and folders in your Edge Drive.

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where MongoDB will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

Verify System Requirements

MongoDB supports the same operating systems as the Web Server software. To review the operating systems, see System Requirements - Web Server.

Verify License Requirements

MongoDB does not require a license.

Determine the Installation Location

MongoDB is installed automatically with the Web Server software. Based on your CommCell environment, you can also install the MongoDB package on the CommServe computer or on a standalone server.


Commvault does not support MongoDB installations when the CommServe or Web Server software is installed on a cluster environment.

Supported MongoDB Versions

The Commvault software is bundled with MongoDB version 3.0.2.

Commvault supports MongoDB 3.0 or later versions. If you have an older version, you must update the software manually. Make sure to stop the Commvault MongoDb service before installing the service pack or updates.

Gather Installation Data

During the installation, you must select the MongoDB package that is listed under the Tools category.

You can install MongoDB only by using the installation package that was created by the Download Manager.

What to Do Next

If MongoDB is configured to support TLS/SSL, complete the configuration in MongoDB TLS/SSL Support so that the Web Server can communicate with MongoDB.