Reinstalling the Laptop Backup Package

You must reinstall the laptop package in one of the following scenarios:

  • The laptop computer undergoes a hardware failure and crashes.

  • The operating system of the laptop computer is replaced. For example, replacing Linux with the Microsoft Windows software.


    You do not need to reinstall the laptop package after upgrading the operating system.

  • Your organization provides new laptops to replace old ones.

The laptop package can be reinstalled by the CommCell administrator or by the laptop owner. The CommCell administrator should make this decision based on current environment conditions. For example, the administrator might want to deploy the laptop packages silently using a third-party software.

If there is a client name conflict, then the new laptop client is created with underscore ('_') laptop_client_name. For example, if the name of the old laptop and new laptop is laptopclient, then the new laptop is automatically renamed to laptopclient__1. By default, the display name remains the same. There might be a client name conflict between the old laptop client and new client. This is the default behavior. You can change default behavior using one of the following methods: