SAP HANA IntelliSnap for Multitenant Database Containers

You can perform backup and restore operations on multitenant database containers from the CommCell Console.

When you use IntelliSnap with Multitenant Database Containers, the backup and restore operations are done from the tenant database subclient. SAP HANA considers the SYSTEMDB and tenant databases as a single inseparable entity for the data file physical organization.

Supported Configurations

Commvault supports the following SAP HANA Multitenant Database Container IntelliSnap configurations:

  • SAP HANA 2.0 SPS01 and higher Multitenant Database Containers on a single node setup.

  • A SYSTEMDB that has one tenant database

Backup and Restore Operations

The Commvault software offers a solution that handles IntelliSnap backup and restore operations. Users can configure a subclient for the tenant database, and then perform the IntelliSnap operations from the tenant database subclient. The software includes both the SYSTEMDB and the tenant database on the same volume when you perform an IntelliSnap backup operation.

The restore operation restores the SYSTEMDB, and then the tenant database.

These rules ensure that the SYSTEMDB and tenant database act as a single entity.


Restore operations from IntelliSnap backups will restore the entire SAP HANA instance and not just the selected tenant databases.


The IntelliSnap configuration is performed for the tenant database subclient. There is no IntelliSnap configuration needed on the SYSTEMDB subclient.

Create a pseudo-client for IntelliSnap, and then create a subclient for the tenant database.


Perform traditional non-snap streaming backups on the SYSTEMDB subclient (full, incremental or differential).

Perform a full IntelliSnap backup on the tenant database subclient.


You can perform any of the following IntelliSnap restore operations on the tenant database backup set:

  • An in-place restore from a revert, snapshot or tape copy.

  • A database copy. You can restore to the same tenant database name, or a different tenant database name.