SAP on Oracle Restores

You can use the SAP for Oracle Agent restore for any of the following data and files:

  • Database restore - a restore of the database files, the control file and the server parameter file.

  • Database subset - a restore of a combination of any of the following files:

    • Archive logs

    • The control file

    • Individual datafiles and tablespaces

  • Database archived redo logs - a restore of archived redo logs, which are vital for Full System Recovery (Disaster Recovery).

SAP on Oracle Standby Databases

In addition to database and file restores, you can use the SAP for Oracle Agent restore operation to create a standby or duplicate database. A standby database is a copy of the primary database you create for hardware failures.

Performing Restores

You can perform restores through the CommCell Console, or the BR*Tools interface.

Restore Job Restartability

For more information, see SAP for Oracle Restore Job Restartability.