Service Dependencies

When a system has more than one CommCell component, the service dependencies are as follows:


Affected Services

Stop all services

Stops all services on that system.

Start all services

Starts all services on that system.

Stop the Base services

Stops all services on that system because all services depend on the Base services.

Start the Base services

Starts only the Base services.

Restarting the other services can be done individually or by restarting all services simultaneously.

Stop the CommServe services

Stops only the CommServe services.

Start the CommServe services

Starts the Base and CommServe services.

Stop the MediaAgent services

Stops only the MediaAgent service.

Start the MediaAgent services

Starts the Base and the MediaAgent services.

Stop Data Archiver services

Stops the CVMHSM service.

Start Data Archiver services

Starts the CVMHSM service.

Stop CDR services

Stops the CVRepSvc service.

Start CDR services

Starts the CVRepSvc service.

Stop VSS Provider Service

Stops the GxVSSProv service.

Start VSS Provider Service

Starts the GxVSSProv service.