Setting Up Failovers Using a Floating CommServe Name

You can use a floating CommServe hostname to setup the CommServe failover.


Recommended: Use Commvaults in-built ability to configure multiple hostnames for High Availability CommServe Host setup, to perform the failover. For more information, see Configuring Multiple CommServe Hostnames for Disaster Recovery.

A floating CommServe name is merely a DNS alias that points to a CommServe server. Initially, you must create a DNS entry for a floating CommServe name with the IP address associated with production CommServe host. During a failover, you must update this DNS entry with the IP address of the standby CommServe host.

A floating CommServe hostname can be used either as an alternative to setting up a dedicated proxy, or in combination with an existing proxy setup. You can use a floating CommServe hostname by selecting the Using Existing Configuration option in the CommServe LiveSync - Connectivity dialog box.


When you setup failovers using a floating CommServe name, you must ensure that your network configuration will work after a failover.