SLA Trend Report - Overview

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) Trend Report displays information about the percentage of SLA, over the last 12 months for each CommCell at the Worldwide and CommCell Group levels. At the CommCell level, the SLA Trend Report displays each subclient in the CommCell that failed to meet SLA, the reason for the failure, and the number of days over which the SLA percentage is calculated. The formula used to calculate SLA is: Number of Clients that Met SLA / Total Number of Clients, at the time of data collection, regardless of the SLA time period configured for that particular client.

You can set the number of days used to calculate SLA at the CommCell level or at the Client Group level. For instructions, see Configuring SLA Days at the CommCell Level and Configuring SLA Days at the Client Group Level.


You can view this report on the Command Center or the Web Console in CommCell environments where the Metrics Reporting Server is installed, or on the Cloud Services Portal in environments where Metrics data collection is turned on.