Subclient Properties (Performance)

Use this dialog box to manage the File System Subclient properties.

Automatically use optimal number of data readers

Applies to: Multi-node and Big Data Apps file system agents such as Network Shares, Hadoop, GPFS, GlusterFS, and LustreFS.

When you select this option, the software automatically assigns the number of streams or readers required to perform the backup operations. The number of data readers that are assigned are based on the number of nodes configured for the subclient.

Use N Data Readers

Specify the number of simultaneous backup data streams allowed for this subclient. For best performance, except for specialized hardware such as RAID, set the value no higher than the number of physical drives that hold the subclient's data.

Allow multiple data readers within a drive or mount point

Applies to: Specialized hardware, such as RAID, or possibly in the case of spanned volumes.

Specifies whether multiple data reads are allowed for a single Windows physical drive or Unix mount point during backups on this subclient.

Resource Tuning

Indicates the processes used by the client to transfer data based.

  • Network Agents

    Specifies the number of data pipes/processes that the client uses to transfer data over a network. Increasing this value may provide better throughput if the network and the network configuration in your environment can support it. The default value is 2 and a maximum of 4 can be established if necessary.

  • Throttle Network Bandwidth (MB/HR)

    Specifies whether the backup throughput is controlled or not. By default, this option is not selected and therefore the throughput is not controlled. When selected, the throughput is set to 500. The minimum value is 2 and the maximum is 2147483647.

    You can use this option to reduce the backup throughput, so that the entire network bandwidth is not consumed, especially in slow links. Increasing the throughput value will consume the bandwidth with the maximum throughput limited to the network bandwidth capability.

    Throttling is done on a per Network Agent basis.

    Application Read Size

    This option specifies the amount of application data (such as SQL data, Windows File System data, UNIX File System data, and virtual machine data) backup jobs will read for each unit transferred to the MediaAgent.

    The default value for this options is 512 KB; however, this value may be increased to reduce the amount of data read from the given application, which in turn reduces the amount of I/O operations performed against it. As a result, overall backup performance may increase. However, backup memory usage may also increase, which may inadvertently consume additional resources from the application. Thus, it is recommended that this value be set at either the default value or match the block size directed by the application.

For steps to modify the value of Application Read Size, see Modifying Application Read Size.

Enable Folder Level Multi-Threading

Applies to: UNIX File System

Specifies whether to enable multi-thread scan at the folder level. Multi-thread scan at the folder level is enabled by default if the subclient content contains NFS shares.

Number of Threads

Applies to: UNIX File System

Specifies the number of folders to scan simultaneously.

Caution: Increasing the value to higher than 15 might affect system resources. Increase the value by small increments and fine-tune to your environment.