Third-Party Port Mappings (TPPM or Network Proxy)

In addition to the network routes configured in your CommCell setup, you can also establish connectivity between CommCell computers on third-party ports using existing firewall tunnels. These ports are used by third-party applications. They are not configured using Commvault network routes.

The Third-Party Port Mapping (TPPM) configuration allows you to set up a port in the destination computer, and map it to a local port in the source computer, to listen for incoming connections. This configuration is also referred as port forwarding.

You can configure TPPM from the CommCell Console.


  • All TPPM configurations require that Commvault network route settings are configured in your CommCell environment. For more information, see Configuring Network Routes.

  • If you are setting up group-to-group firewall connectivity through a network gateway using a predefined network topology, the Make clients from Trusted Client Group 1 use proxies for all traffic option is not supported with TPPM.