Tuning Performance When Using a Partitioned Deduplication Database

You can improve the performance of backup and auxiliary copy operations and avoid network bottlenecks by adjusting the network settings for a Partitioned Deduplication Database (DDB).

About this Task

If you have a deduplication-enabled storage policy with multiple partitioned DDBs, and the partitions are hosted on different MediaAgents, the signature lookup or insertion process occurs simultaneously on each partitioned MediaAgent during data protection operations.

During backup and auxiliary copy operations, there is cross communication between the data path MediaAgent and DDB MediaAgents. To increase the speed of this communication, we recommend that you configure a dedicated Network Interface Card (NIC) on each MediaAgent, and set up a data interface pair (DIP) between those MediaAgents.

To set up DIP between MediaAgents, specify the network interface name or IP address of the partition MediaAgent in the DDB Network Interface box during storage policy creation. For more information, see Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication.

If the network interface was not specified during storage policy creation, set up the DIP manually. For instructions, see Data Interface Pairs - Getting Started.