Uninstall Third-Party Software Workflow

Uninstall Third-Party Software is a predefined workflow that uninstalls third-party software from all Windows clients in your CommCell environment.

By default, the workflow uninstalls third-party software that was installed by Commvault and that is no longer used. However, you can edit the list of software to be uninstalled by adding other software to the list.

This workflow is useful when you want to clean up your Windows clients from unused third-party software.

Download this workflow from Commvault Store. For instructions, see Download Workflows from Commvault Store.

How Does It Work?

This predefined workflow automates the following operations:

  1. Logs on to the CommServe database and retrieves all Windows client computers, except for laptop clients.

  2. Gets the list of third-party software that is no longer required by Commvault.

  3. Performs the connectivity check operation for each client.

    Note: If a client is offline, the workflow sets the client as unreachable. The software will not be uninstalled from the client.

  4. Runs the uninstallation script on the clients that passed the connectivity check.

  5. Sends an email report to the recipients specified in the workflow options indicating whether the operation on each client succeeded or failed.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.

  2. Right-click Uninstall Third-Party Software and then click All Tasks > Execute.

  3. In the Uninstall Third-Party Options dialog box, complete the following steps:

    1. From the Run workflow on list, select the workflow engine.

    2. In the Software to be Uninstalled box, the third-party software that was installed by Commvault is listed by default. You can enter the name of other software that you want to uninstall.

      Important: When you enter the software name in the box, make sure that the name matches with the name displayed in the Windows Control Panel.

    3. In the Recipients box, enter the email address of the users that you want to notify. If multiple email IDs are specified, make sure that the emails are separated with a semicolon (;).

    4. In the Parallel Execution Count box, enter the number of clients that you want to run in parallel. By default, the workflow uninstalls the software from one client at the time.

    5. Click OK.

    You can track the progress of the workflow job from the Job Controller.

Once the workflow job finishes, an email is sent with the operation results to the email address that you specified in the workflow.

Note: When you uninstall a MongoDB package, after uninstallation, the MongoDB services are still visible in the Process Manager.