Activity Control

Control activities by enabling or disabling jobs from all levels of the hierarchy in the CommCell environment. Activity Control can be enabled or disabled from the following levels:

  • CommCell

  • Client Computer Group

  • Client

  • Agent

  • Instance (Oracle and Oracle RAC)

  • Subclient

When disabling activities, the CommCell level has the highest precedence while a subclient has the lowest precedence. If you disable an activity at the CommCell level, then that activity is disabled throughout the CommCell environment regardless of the corresponding settings of the individual entities - client computer groups, client computers, agents, and subclients.

By default, all activities are enabled at all levels in the CommCell environment. An activity that is enabled at the highest CommCell level can still be disabled at lower levels. For a list of CommCell activities, see List of CommCell Activities.

For more information about the hierarchy, see CommCell Logical Architecture.


This feature is supported by all Agents.


This feature partially applies to ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR) (both Windows and UNIX). The option has control on Recovery Point (RP)/Consistent Recovery Point (CRP) creation and backup, but not on CDR replication jobs.