Archive Agents

Agents are software modules that are installed on computers to access and protect data. The data archiving system uses agents to interface with file systems, applications, and databases to facilitate the archiving of data on production systems.

Commvault Archiving Solution

With a single, low-impact scan, Commvault Archiving Solution incorporates data protection, retention, reporting and access for file and email environments. This comprehensive solution incorporates the traditional backup and archiving processes in a single operation, moving data to secondary storage where the data functions as both a backup and archive copy. Stubs are retained on the primary storage that point to the archived data that was moved to secondary storage. The archived data is available for quick and easy retrieval.

Automated policies manage data in the ContentStore - the efficient, virtual repository that provides a flexible and efficient way to store, access, and understand your data. Content-based retention through the Archiving Solution Reference Copy feature takes advantage of ContentStore intelligence to store only the data that is valuable to your business. With this capability, you can design and customize the data you want to retain, according to its business, compliance, or evidentiary value.

Database Archive Agents

The need for data to be stored for longer times in the production databases causes them to grow significantly. This increase in size results in larger storage requirements, database performance issues, and longer backup and recovery time. Database Archiving provides a comprehensive solution by securely archiving inactive data to both an archiving database and backup media, and providing seamless access to the archived data from the production database.

Classic Archive Agents

Classic Archive agents move old or infrequently used mailbox items from primary to secondary storage to optimize storage space. As a result, regular backups of vital data are more efficient, costs are saved by freeing up primary disk space, and end-user mailboxes become easier to manage. Added options of Client Add-In integration and compliance archiving help ensure all archived data is easily traceable and retrievable whenever the need arises.