Bare Metal Recovery Using 1-Touch for Windows

You can use Commvault's 1-Touch Bare Metal Recovery to recover a failed computer or to create a clone of a server. With 1-Touch, you can easily recover a computer by automatically rebuilding the operating system and all the applications on a new server that has either similar or different hardware.

Depending on the client environment, you can use the CommCell Console or the 1-Touch wizard to run the recovery process. The 1-Touch recovery process secures the required information from the client's backup and then uses this information to re-create the client environment.

Windows clients do not require a 1-Touch server. The required information for 1-Touch recovery is available on the CommServe and the Windows Live CD.

Key Features

Bare Metal Recovery Using 1-Touch for Windows offers the following key features:

Fully unattended operating system reinstall: You can initiate the recovery process of a single or multiple clients from a central location, such as the CommServe computer.

Point-In-Time Restore: Using the 1-Touch recovery solution, you can restore the system state of a client using the specific date and time when the system state backup was performed.

Support for Block-Level Backups: You can perform a recovery operation from block-level backups. Restores from block-level backups are faster. In addition, data integrity is ensured because block-level backups engage Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writers and generate a crash-consistent snapshot of the system volume.

Cross Hardware Restore: You can perform the 1-Touch Recovery to a target Windows client with completely different hardware configurations. The target system can have different network interface adapters, mass storage devices, video adapters, motherboards, and CPUs.


The 1-Touch documentation uses the following terminology:


A computer that has the File System iDataAgent installed on it.

Live CD

A CD used to boot the client for 1-Touch recovery.

Dissimilar Disk Restore

This term is used in the 1-Touch recovery of Windows clients. When the disk configuration of the restored system is different than that of the backed up system, you need to perform a Dissimilar Disk Restore.

ISO Image

This is a file that contains all the information required to initiate the 1-Touch recovery. Use this file to create the Live CD.

Offline Restore

This term is used in the 1-Touch recovery of Windows clients. A recovery procedure in which the operating system is restored and not re-installed. An access to 1-Touch server is not required to perform the Offline Restore.

Answer File

The client answer file contains information such as the computer name, operating system, IP address, and disk partition/format information. This information is used during the 1-Touch Recovery for silent deployment of operating system and restoration of the client.

For more terms, refer to Glossary.