Apache Cassandra is a distributed database that can handle large amounts of data on multiple nodes. You can back up the entire Cassandra cluster environment by using the Cassandra agent.

Key Features

  • Single interface to manage your Cassandra environment

  • Full and incremental backup support

  • Back up all the required data from all the nodes in the Cassandra cluster

  • Perform all operations (configuration, backup operations, and restore operations) from the coordinator host

  • Replace a dead Cassandra node

  • Integrate with sstableloader to perform restores

  • Use granular-level restores to perform the following restore operations to the source cluster, or to a different Cassandra cluster from the source:

    • Keyspaces and ColumnFamily

    • A single node restore

Cassandra Commit Logs

Beginning in Service Pack 14, you can perform backup operations and restore operations on Cassandra commit logs. You need the commit logs when there is a hardware failures.

In order to protect the commit logs, you need the following software:

  • Cassandra 3.0 or higher

  • Commvault Service Pack 12 or higher on the Cassandra client

Commit log backups are not supported with scylladb configurations.

Commit Log Considerations

Cassandra requires that the Cassandra software restart on all nodes in the cluster when you perform a commit log restore operation.

The following recovery options are available:

  • When you perform a point-in-time restore operation that has a time that is close to the most recent backup time, then the Commvault software recovers the cluster to the most recent commit log time

  • For all other cases, the Commvault software recovers the cluster to the time that you specify.