Command Line Interface Backup Operations for the Exchange Database Agent

To run the Exchange database backups from the command line interface, you must use an input XML file. This file contains the attributes or arguments that are passed to the command parameters setting up your backup operations.

This input XML file can be obtained from one of the following ways:

  • Download the input XML file template and save it on the computer from where the backup runs.

  • In the CommCell Console, configure a backup job, and then save it as a script to the computer where the backup runs.

Before You Begin

Before you run command line operations, use the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe computer.


  1. Download the backup_template.xml file and save it to the computer where the command runs.

  2. Run the following command from the software installation directory\Base folder.

    qoperation execute -af backup_template.xml -backupLevel <backup_level> -subclientName "subclient name" -clientName "client name"

  3. Verify the status of the job using the following command:

    qlist job −j <jobID>

  4. When the job is completed, log off the CommServe host.

    qlogout [−cs <commserve_host_name>] [−all] [−tf <tokenfile>] [−tk <token>] [−h]




Run a full backup

qoperation execute -af backup_template.xml -backupLevel FULL -subclientName subclient1 -clientName client1

Run an incremental backup

qoperation execute -af backup_template.xml -backupLevel INCREMENTAL -subclientName subclient1 -clientName client1