CommServe Recovery Using Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups

Disaster Recovery (DR) backups, performs a backup of the CommServe and other databases installed with the CommServe software. In the event of an actual disaster, you can use DR backups to recover the CommServe database on the same or new host.

A basic setup for Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups is available by default with the following configuration:

  • A daily schedule for a full Disaster Recovery (DR) backup is automatically created when the CommServe is installed. This job exports the metadata associated with the SQL databases to the default staging directory located in software_installation_directory\CommserveDR which is then backed up to the configured export destination. (A local or network path must be setup as the export destination during CommServe installation.)

  • The DR storage policy (CommServeDR) is automatically created as soon as the first library is configured. This storage policy is used to backup the data to the library. Some of the critical log files are also included in the backup.

    By default, the primary copy of the DR storage policy is created as a WORM copy to prevents accidental deletion of data that is not qualified for aging.

The DR Backup configuration can be customized, based on the recovery point objective and disaster recovery plan in your environment.