Configuration for VMware

Once you deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) on proxies, you can configure clients, backup sets, and subclients to customize your backup and restore operations.

Client Configuration

After installing the agent, you must create a new virtualization client for the vCenter from the CommCell Console. If you have multiple vCenters, you must create a virtualization client for each.

When creating a virtualization client, a VMware instance for the client is created automatically. You can modify the VMware instance to add or modify the list of VSA proxies that can be used for data protection operations on the virtualization client.

Backup Set Configuration

A backup set is a collection of subclients that can be used to manage data protection operations at a high level.

A default backup set is created automatically for a virtualization client. You can add additional backup sets to provide separate administrative units. For example, you might provide separate backup sets to manage different classes of virtual machines, such as:

  • Virtual machines that support high-transaction database applications

  • Linux virtual machines

  • Virtual machines that support development and testing

A backup set contains a default subclient. You can add additional subclients as needed to protect different groups of virtual machines within the backup set.

For instructions on adding a new backup set, see Adding a Backup Set.


If a backup set is deleted, you cannot recover backup data for the backup set.

Backup Set Filtering

You can set up filters in backup set properties to exclude virtual machines or virtual machine disks from backups for all subclients in the backup set. The same types of filtering that are available for subclients are also available for backup sets.

For instructions on configuring filters for backup sets, see Defining Filters for Content.

Subclient Configuration

A subclient identifies a group of virtual machines to be backed up. You can add virtual machines to subclient content manually or define automatic discovery rules to identify virtual machines for a subclient.

Each subclient is associated with a storage policy that identifies where backup data will be stored.