Configuring a Content Analyzer Cloud for Data Cube Entity Extraction

A Content Analyzer Cloud is required for the Entity Extraction feature. Entity Extraction identifies sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank routing information. To identify files that contain sensitive information, you can configure entity extraction to work with supported Data Cube data connectors.


  1. Install the Content Analyzer package on a client in your CommCell environment.

    A content analyzer cloud is automatically created.

  2. Verify that the Content Analyzer Cloud was created:

    • In the CommCell Console: From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computer Groups > Content Analyzer Cloud.

    • In the Command Center: From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Server groups > Content Analyzer Cloud.

    _ContentAnalyzer is added to the end of the names of the servers in the Content Analyzer Cloud server group. For example, if the Content Analyzer package is installed on server001, the name of the server is server001_ContentAnalyzer.