Configuring Entity Extraction for Content Indexing Data

You can perform entity extraction on content indexing data from a storage policy.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Content Analyzer package on a client in your CommCell environment. See Installing the Content Analyzer Package.

  • You can only configure entity extraction for data that has already been content indexed. Therefore, you must deploy, configure, and run the Commvault content indexing solution in your CommCell environment before you perform this procedure.

    For more information about how to enable content indexing, see Search and Content Indexing - Overview.


  1. Log in to the CommCell Console.

  2. In the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Storage Policies.

  3. Right-click the storage policy name that you want to use, and then click Properties.

  4. Click the Content Indexing tab.

  5. Under the General tab in the Entity Extraction section, select Enable Entity Extraction.

  6. Next to Enable Entity Extraction, click Configure.

    A list of subclients that are associated to the storage policy and configured for content indexing appears.

  7. In the list, select the CommCell entities that you want to configure for entity extraction, and then click Next.

    A list of entity types appears.

  8. In the Available Entity Extraction Types list, select one or more types of entities that you want to identify during entity extraction.

  9. Click the right arrow (>) to move your selections to the Selected Entity Extraction Types list, and then click Next.

  10. Click the Content Analyzer Clients list and then select a client with the Content Analyzer package installed.

  11. Click Finish.

  12. In the Storage Policy Properties dialog box, click OK.


After you configure entity extraction on a storage policy, the entity extraction process occurs for content indexed data automatically every thirty minutes.

What to Do Next

After entity extraction is performed on your data, you can use Compliance Search to query data based on entities that are present in the data. For more information, see Searching for Entities in Compliance Search.