Configuring Log File Settings in the CommCell Console

You can customize the log file settings of the CommServe node, the client computer groups, the client computers and the MediaAgents. Customizing log file settings is useful if you want to set logging rules for all computers in the CommCell environment.


  1. Right-click the entity (the CommServe node, client computer group, client computer, or MediaAgent), and then click Properties.

    The properties dialog box appears.

  2. Complete one of the following steps:

    • If you are configuring settings for the CommServe node, a client computer group, or a MediaAgent, go to step 3.

    • If you are configuring settings for a client computer, in the properties dialog box, click Advanced.

      The advanced properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the Logging tab, click Add.

    A new row is created.

  4. Add the log file settings:

    • Module: Click in the cell under the Module column. In the list that appears, select the module for which you want to configure log file settings.

    • Debug Level: You can specify the level of detail of log entries in the log file. If the information in the log files is not sufficient to determine the reason for failure, increase the debug level to change the level of detail in the log. Increasing the value increases the level of detail in the log.

      The minimum value is 1.

      When you change this setting, it resets to the default value after 7 days.

    • File Size (MB): You can change the maximum size for a specific log file. The default maximum size is 5 MB. When the maximum size is reached, the file is rolled over to an additional file named filename_timestamp.log.

      The maximum size of the log file is in megabytes. Valid values are 5-50.

    • File Versions: You can change the maximum number of additional log files that are created when a log file reaches its maximum size and rolls over.

      Valid values are 0-100.

  5. Press Enter.