Configuring Office Communications Server Backups Using the Windows File System Agent

You can use the Windows File System Agent to back up and restore the data on the Office Communication Servers (OCS) and Lync servers. To do this, configure the default or a user-defined subclient.

About This Task

  • If the communication server is set up across multiple computers, you must install Windows File System Agent on all computers.

  • The following is a list of components that are backed up.


    What is backed up

    What is not backed up

    Live Communications Server

    Office Communication Server (OCS)

    OCS data and settings

    OCS metadata

    Skype Frontend Server

    Skype Backend Server

    Skype Archiving Server

    Skype Monitoring Server

    Skype data and settings

    Skype metadata

    Response Group Configuration

    Skype metadata

    Skype Archiving database

    Skype Monitoring database


    Use the SQL Server Agent to back up and restore Lync Archiving and Lync Monitoring databases. For instructions, see:

Before You Begin

Verify that the version of Office Communications Server is supported. For more information, see System Requirements.


  1. From the CommCell Console, expand Client Computers > client.

  2. Right-click File System and select Properties.

  3. In the File System Properties dialog box, click the Enable Office Communication ServerBackup check box, and then click OK.

  4. On the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > File System > backup_set.

  5. Right-click the appropriate subclientand click Properties.

  6. In the Subclient Properties dialog box, set the OCS or Lync basic settings:

    1. In the Subclient Name box, type the name for the subclient.

    2. On the Content tab, select Backup Office Communication Server.

      The OCS or Lync Server credentials are displayed.

  7. If the OCS or Lync Server credentials are incorrect, change the credentials.

    1. Click Edit.

    2. Enter the User Name and Password for the OCSor Lync Server, and click OK.

    The user credentials that you enter must have read permissions on the Lync server.

  8. On the Storage Device tab, in the Storage Policy list, click a storage policy name to associate with the subclient.

    Tip: To create a new storage policy, click Create Storage Policy and follow the instructions in the storage policy creation wizard.

  9. Click OK.

The Office Communications Server is added as subclient content and is backed up when you run a backup.

What to Do Next

Perform a backup of the subclient. For instructions, see Performing Backups for the Windows File System Subclients.