Configuring Space Check for ContinuousDataReplicator Agents

For computers with ContinuousDataReplicator installed, additional monitoring is performed to avoid deletion of snapshots (in case maximum space on the COW cache volume or Recovery Point Volume was exceeded).

  • For Windows computers, all volumes and mount points on the client computers are checked verify that the source computer is not running out of disk space. If disk space is found low, replication activity is aborted.

  • For Unix computers, opt, tmp, var and the log volumes are monitored. If you are using QSnap, the COW cache volume is also monitored.

If the remaining free space is less than 20% on any monitored volume or mount point, an event is generated and, if configured, a disk space low alert is sent.

By default, Space Check monitors all drives:

  • Once per day on the remote machines.

  • Whenever services are started on any of the computers within the CommCell.

The nMACHINE_MAINT_INTERVAL_MINUTES additional setting can be configured to set the time interval to check space on all volumes on the client computer with ContinuousDataReplicator agents installed. Changing the Space Check time interval is effective when the services are restarted or at the next monitoring interval.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to the Client Computers node.

  2. Right-click the <Client>, and then click Properties.

  3. On the Client Computer Properties dialog box, click Advanced.

  4. Click the Additional Settings tab, and then click Add.

  5. In the Name box, type nMACHINE_MAINT_INTERVAL_MINUTES. The Category and Type details fills automatically.

    Alternatively, you can click Lookup and search for the additional setting using the Find box.

  6. In the Value box, the default interval appears. Type the interval in minutes.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click OK to save the additional setting configuration.