The DB2 Agent provides a simplified, end-to-end backup and recovery solution for DB2 data in your enterprise. You can perform a granular backup and recovery of specific data files or logs in your database.

The DB2 agent provides the flexibility to back up the DB2 databases in different environments.

You can perform full, incremental, or delta backups of the entire database or individual tablespaces, or archive logs.

Offline Backup

You can bring down the database and perform a backup of the database. An offline backup does not include archive logs.

Online Backup

In some environments, you cannot bring down a database to perform an offline backup. In such situations, you can perform an online backup, where the database is up and running during the backup.

You can perform either a full backup or incremental backup of the DB2 database when it is online.

Backup and Recovery Failovers

A backup MediaAgent resumes the backup or restore if the original MediaAgent performing the backup or recovery operation fails.

If a network goes down, the backup and recovery jobs are resumed on alternate data paths. If a device fails, the jobs are automatically switched to alternate disk and tape drives.

Job Management and Reporting

You can view and verify the status of backup and recovery operations from the Job Controller and the Event Viewer in the CommCell Console.

You can use pre-defined reports or customize them to track job status. You can automatically schedule, save, and distribute the reports.

Add-on Components

IntelliSnap Backup

You can use the IntelliSnap feature to create a point-in-time snapshot by temporarily quiescing the database, taking a snapshot, and then resuming live operations. An IntelliSnap backup works in conjunction with hardware snapshot engines.