Deduplication Database Recovery

When the deduplication database (DDB) or partition of the DDB is detected as offline, unreadable, or unavailable, the DDB is automatically recovered from the latest DDB backup. This is the default recovery setting.


While running the DDB reconstruction job, if the restored DDB is found invalid or corrupted, then both the Last DDB Backup Job Id and the Last DDB Backup Time stamp are reset. You must run a full reconstruction process that deletes the existing DDB content, reads the entire data on the disk, and re-creates a new DDB from the deduplicated data read on the disk.

DDB recovery process performs the following activities:

  • Adds new records in the restored DDB for all the backups that were added to the DDB between the backup and when they went offline.

  • Ensures that the data in the DDB and the CommServe database are in sync by cross-verifying and updating the metadata with the CommServe database with the DDB.

  • Ensures that the DDB has been successfully reconstructed.