Define a Template Backup for File Servers

Subclient policies provide a way for you to configure similar file system clients from a central template. This alleviates the need to manually set up many, similar file system clients for data management tasks. For example, you can assign the same storage policy to several clients all at once using a subclient policy. When you create a subclient policy and associate it to the backup sets of file system clients, all subclients in the backup sets inherit the configuration of the subclient policy, such as content, storage policy, and filters. This is especially useful in large enterprise environments, where individually configuring similar clients is both time-consuming and impractical.

You can use a subclient policy to configure subclients that have similar requirements, but also some variances. You create a subclient policy to configure the common properties of all the clients at once, and then disassociate the clients from the subclient policy. The disassociated clients retain the properties they inherited from the subclient policy, and you can then adjust each client individually to account for their variances.