Download and Sync Cache Options (General)

Use this dialog box to download the latest feature release or a specific feature release version of the Commvault software.

By default, the CommCell Console downloads Commvault software binaries for Windows x64 and for any other operating system that is present in the CommServe cache. If you want to include the Commvault binaries for other operating systems, click Advanced, and on the Operating Systems tab, make your selections.

Download Installation Media

Displays the options to select the latest feature release or a specific feature release version.

  • Mainstream Feature Release

    Downloads the feature release and maintenance releases that have been available on the Commvault download server for the past 30 days. This means that the software you download has been published on the download server at least 30 days ago. The latest software that you can get from the CommCell Console is from 30 days ago.

  • Maintenance Release

    Downloads only the latest maintenance releases available for the feature release version that is installed on the CommServe computer.

  • Feature Release and Maintenance Release

    Lists the latest feature release versions that you can install in your CommCell environment. By default, the feature release version currently installed on the CommServe computer is selected.


    The list does not include feature release versions that are older than the version installed on the CommServe computer.

Save As Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding XML parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.