Downloading the Commvault Software Using the CommCell Console

When you download the Commvault software by using the CommCell Console, the software is downloaded from the Commvault download server to the CommServe cache directory.

By default, the System Created Download Software schedule downloads the latest feature release and synchronizes remote cache locations with the CommServe server cache. You can edit or disable the system-created schedule, but it is recommended that you download the software every time a new feature release becomes available. It is a best practice to keep the CommServe server cache directory up to date or at the same feature release level as that of the CommServe server.


The CommServe server and CommCell Console must be already installed in your environment.

Before You Begin

Review the following tasks:

Configure Download Options

  • If the CommServe server has Internet connectivity and no restrictions on incoming or outgoing communications, no action is required.

  • If the CommServe server has Internet connectivity with restrictions, or if there is no Internet connectivity, or if you want to review additional download configurations, see Configure Download Settings in the CommCell Console.


If the CommServe server does not have Internet connectivity, and none of the download options satisfy your requirements, create an installation package by using the Download Manager, and then copy the package to the CommServe server cache. Refer to the Windows or UNIX steps to download the software using the Download Manager.

Verify the CommServe Server Cache

If you plan to change the CommServe server cache location, see Changing the Location of the CommServe Cache Directory.

Determine If You Need a Remote Cache

If you have a group of clients that resides in a remote location, the network traffic (and download time) might increase when the remote clients retrieve the software from the CommServe server cache. You can reduce the network traffic by configuring a remote cache directory on one of the remote clients. For more information, see Setting Up a Remote Cache on a Client Computer.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Tools tab, click Add/Remove Software > Download Software.

  2. In the Download and Sync Cache Options dialog box, select one of the following options:

    • If you want to download the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) feature release and maintenance release, select Upgrade to Latest Release.

    • If you only want to download the latest maintenance release for the feature release that is currently installed on the CommServe computer, select Latest Fixes for Current Release.

    • If you want to download a specific feature release and maintenance release, select Feature Release, and then select the desired feature release and maintenance release from the lists.


      The feature release and maintenance release lists will not include versions that are older than the ones currently installed on the CommServe computer.

  3. Click Advanced, and on the Operating Systems tab, select the operating system of the computers where you plan to install the software.

    By default, the CommCell Console downloads Commvault software binaries for Windows x64 and for any other operating system that is present in the CommServe cache.

  4. Choose whether you want to run or schedule the download:

    • To perform the download immediately, click OK.

      You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window.

    • To schedule the download, click the Job Initiation tab, and then click Schedule to run the job at a specific date and time. After the schedule is configured, click OK.

      The job runs at the date and time you specified.

  5. To verify that the CommServe cache directory was updated with the downloaded software, go to the CommCell Console ribbon, and on the Tools tab, click Add/Remove Software > Software Cache Configuration.

    In the Software Cache Configuration dialog box, the CommServe Cache Status for Media should display Valid.

What to Do Next

Notify your users that the latest software can be installed from the CommCell Console.