Downloading Other Software and Packages From Cloud Services

You can download other software and packages from the Cloud Services website.


  1. Go to the Commvault Store on the Cloud Services website.

  2. From the navigation pane on the left, click Media Kits, and then locate the software media that you want to download. For example:

    • To locate all the available Download Manager applications, type download manager in the search bar.

    • To locate all the available hotfix packages, type hotfix in the search bar.

  3. Click the Download button for the software media that you want to download. For a list of available installation media, see Installation Media List.

    The software media is downloaded to the location that you specified. Note the following:

    • If you downloaded the Download Manager, you will see the application executable file.

    • If you downloaded a software disc, you will see the .iso image of the disc.

      Mount the .iso using an appropriate software (for example, MagicISO), and then use the software media from the mount location.