Enabling Spool Copy

Spool copy can be enabled on a copy.

Applies To

Synchronous Copy, Selective Copy, Inline Copy, Parallel Copy, Snapshot Copy and WORM Copy.

Before You Begin

Consider the following before enabling a spool copy:

  • A primary copy or secondary copy can be defined as a spool copy only when there is an active synchronous copy for the storage policy.

  • Spool Copy feature is not supported on storage policy copies enabled with Deduplication or Silo Storage.

  • The DDB backup jobs ignore the spool copy retention rules, and follows the DDB backup pruning. See DDB Backup Pruning Process for more information.

  • For NAS data backed up using IntelliSnap backup: For NAS NetApp and Isilon NAS agents, 1 job is retained when the primary snap copy is configured with spool retention. Other agents have the retention rule set to 0 days and 0 cycles.


Deduplication enabled storage policy copies cannot be configured as spool copies.


  1. Before enabling spool copy option on a storage policy copy, ensure that the storage policy copy is assigned as a source to another active synchronous copy.

    See Specify the Source for the Copy for instructions.

  2. From the CommCell Browser, go to Policies > Storage Policies ><Storage Policy>.

  3. Right-click the storage policy copy that was assigned as a source, and click Properties.

  4. In the Copy Properties dialog box, click the Retention tab, click Spool Copy (No Retention), and then click OK.

    A message appears that tells you that enabling spool copy will age data as soon as the Auxiliary Copy job is run.

  5. Click Yes to continue.