Features and Benefits (Indexing Version 2)

Commvault Indexing Version 2 includes the following new key features and benefits:



Index creation occurs asynchronously to the data backup process

  • Increases speed and reliability of data backup process.

  • Improves performance of data backup and indexing processes.

  • Allows data backup and indexing processes to be located on separate hosts.

Action logs and a cumulative index

  • Reduces data footprint of index on storage library.

  • Allows indexing data to be used more efficiently for operations such as browsing, reporting, and deleting files from backup.

Deleted items shown across backup cycles

During browse operations, iDataAgents that are configured to use Indexing Version 2 show deleted items across backup cycles. This is a change from Indexing Version 1 agents, which only showed deleted items in the current cycle.

Better support for GridStor

When GridStor is deployed, Indexing Version 2 removes the time and disk space required to copy an Index between MediaAgents if the backup process fails over to a different MediaAgent.

Enables additional operations

  • Ability to run incremental and synthetic backups in parallel.

  • File system block level backups.

  • Multistream restores.

  • Deferred cataloging of snapshot backups.

CommCell Migration Support for Virtual Machines

You can migrate individual Virtual Machines. The software already supports migration of VSA proxy client and Virtualization client.

For more information, see CommCell Migration for Clients with Virtual Server Agent.