Hotfix Pack SP16.243 (Feb 06, 2024)

There are no updates in this Maintenance pack..

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.241

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.238

Issue Hotfix

Sap Archive: Fix a few recall cases when Content length and CompId in header is not correct.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.235

Issue Hotfix

Call clean libraries after updating MessageQueue.see


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.234

Issue Hotfix

Security enhancement to upgrade ActiveMQ module to 5.18.3


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.225

Issue Hotfix

Recovery of SAP Archive Link data may to restore files with Unicode name.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.213 (Jun 29, 2023)

Issue Hotfix

vsdiscovery is failing if Proxy is SP24 or before and CS is SP25 or later


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.202

Issue Hotfix

Restore from HPStoreOnce cloud library may fail


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.198

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.196 (Mar 07, 2023)

Issue Hotfix

VM jobs may age wrongly if auto discovery fails for continuous 30 days

3025, 3026

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.195

Issue Hotfix

Cassandra snapshots from failed backup jobs may be left behind.


Backup job gets completed without backing up all the files when JR directory gets full and there is no space during scan phase instead of going to pending in scan phase.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.192 (Feb 07, 2023)

Issue Hotfix

IPv4 host IPs will fail to connect with cassandra


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.185

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.182

Issue Hotfix

SA backup copy job may fail if vmsn files are larger than 4GB in size.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.180

Issue Hotfix

Hadoop backup job may fail with missing collect files.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.178 (Nov 01, 2022)

Issue Hotfix

Live browse of VMs with independent disk may fail with "no disk found" error.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.177

Issue Hotfix

Stub recalls my bring back incorrect data.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.175

Issue Hotfix

log4j fails to initialize without the 1.2 bridge jar


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.168

Issue Hotfix

Sometimes DDB Verification job is incorrectly setting verification status as successful.

3013, 3014

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.167

Issue Hotfix

Backup jobs failing with error One or more collect files are missing
Backup jobs seeing failure for the Extent table initialize, which causes files not backed up but job is marked as successful.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.163

Issue Hotfix

Large file recalls failing due to insufficient space


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.158

Issue Hotfix

Cluster node status may not be updated correctly.


VSA backup may fail with the backup process terminating unexpectedly.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.155

Issue Hotfix

CustomReportsEngine\WEB-INF\lib\log4j-api-2.17.0.jar may be present on some instances.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.153 (May 03, 2022)

Issue Hotfix

update spring framework in DbArchiveEngine to address CVE-2022-22965


Spring4Shell vulnerability fix


Spring4Shell vulnerability fix


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.151

Issue Hotfix

Remove the log4j 1.x libraries from Web Console and Admin Console in SP16

3002, 3003, 3004

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.149

Issue Hotfix

Compliance search site may not show the sets if SQL Server 2019 is installed on the webserver.

3000, 3001

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.148

Issue Hotfix

Not all vulnerable Log4j binaries may not be deleted.

2998, 2999

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.147

Issue Hotfix

Custom Reports Engine may fail to load with an error that it can't initialize log4j


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.145 (Mar 01, 2022)

Issue Hotfix

CvMountd crashes periodically on sharing a mount path with SAN server access.


On some setup Log4J binaries might still be present after upgrade in below directories and files. /InstallDirectory/CVAnalytics/CVSeaHome/ /InstallDirectory/Base32/DBJars/ /InstallDirectory/Base/vmheartbeatmon/zookeeper/lib/log4j-1.2-api-2.16.0.jar /InstallDirectory/Base/vmheartbeatmon/zookeeper/lib/log4j-api-2.16.0.jar


On some setup's InstallDirectory\CVAnalytics\CVSeaHome may contain Log4J binaries.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.144

Issue Hotfix

HS 1.5.1 reference architecture ISO with RHEL 7.9.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.143

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.142

Issue Hotfix

XStream is vulnerable to a Remote Command Execution attack


PSIRT: XStream is vulnerable to a Remote Command Execution attack Edit

2988, 2989, 2991

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.141 (Feb 01, 2022)

Issue Hotfix

DbArchiveEngine should include log4j 2.17.1 manifests


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.140

Issue Hotfix

Upgrade log4j library to 2.17.1 version.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.139

Issue Hotfix

Fix for deleting unused log4j modules.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.138

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.137

Issue Hotfix

Upgrade log4j library to 2.17 version.


Restores may attempt and fail to read pruned chunks


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.136 (Dec 20, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

Upgrade log4j library


Remove log4j binaries


Remove log4j binaries


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.135

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.131

Issue Hotfix

Search engine may timeout when searching from compliance search in large environment.

2936, 2937

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.130

Issue Hotfix

Exchange import from classic agent job sometimes may fail with the missing versionGUID error.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.129

Issue Hotfix

Some VMS or images with special characters will not be shown in content browse


Radius user login might fail from webconsole/adminconsole


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.125

Issue Hotfix

Auxcopy job may keep failing repeatedly when unable to read from disk library.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.122

Issue Hotfix

Restore option may be missing for Synthetic Full backups when browsing WFS clients in Command Center


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.119

Issue Hotfix

Excessive logging during 1-touch restore may slow down restore.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.118

Issue Hotfix

Long running VSA backup jobs may not get committed when the running time has exceeded the set value.


When using more than allocated quota for storage all the users are not getting alerts.

2927, 2929

SAP archiving job or NFS object store backup job may run into timeout errors when updating the index.


Content index of emails using search engine may fail immediately.


Snap management tool volumeMove operation may not work for updating snap metadata of open replication jobs.

2922, 2923, 2924

Software installation may fail when Plan name contains non English characters.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.117

Issue Hotfix

Data management operations on Shared SANServer may fail due to communication errors.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.116 (Aug 03, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

NDMP Agent out of place restores to windows / content indexing may store temporary files under c:\nasCI instead of job results directory.
Restore of NDMP backup to a file system drive may fail when parsing ACL information.


UNIX NFS IntelliSnap: SnapDiff scan may fail or filenames may not be displayed correctly in certain cases if file or folder with name \ is backed up.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.115

Issue Hotfix

cvsnapcore in solaris 5.11 may not show correct timestamp for core file.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.112 (Jul 06, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.111

Issue Hotfix

install may fail if NIS entry appears in /etc/passwd or /etc/group


Incorrect total media size may be reported in charge back and charge back details report for Oracle clients using data and log storage policies.

2910, 2911

PostgreSQL instance discovery may fail.


Ability to control the number of heal threads in HyperScale environments that have performance issues.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.110

Issue Hotfix

Restrict execution of remote commands to CS and MA only.


Unix file system install may fail on RedHat 8 s390x.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.109

Issue Hotfix

OpenVMS backup may fail after user account password change

2904, 2905

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.108

Issue Hotfix

San server driver may not load in custom built kernel.


NFS file archiver stubs recall may fail on filers that do not support sparse attribute.


Sort by folder may show a blank screen after user right clicks a job and select "View backup items" in Commcell console.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.107 (Jun 01, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

licensing calculation takes time to complete.

2899, 2900

V2 index backups may not age due to worm copy

2897, 2898

Index balance workflow may not balance the indexes between Mediaagents correctly.


Restore job from secondary copy may fail with encryption error.

2892, 2894, 2895, 2896

VSA jobs may not be visible in Command center.

2890, 2891

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.106

Issue Hotfix

File system restore may fail with missing binary error.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.105

Issue Hotfix

Show inherited associations in report.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.104

Issue Hotfix

Space reclamation may not happen on HyperScale.

2882, 2883

Unable to force the use of a new data access Node for DMNAS stub recall


SubClientSchedules view may show incorrect subclient association to schedule policy.

2879, 2881

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.103

Issue Hotfix

Snap jobs may intermittently fail in archive index phase.


File system restore from an encrypted secondary copy may fail when the auxcopy option to pick running jobs for copy is selected.

2876, 2877

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.102 (May 04, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

Backup jobs may not failover to alternate media agents in a FC shared storage system.

2874, 2875

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.101

Issue Hotfix

Incorrect SubClient Content returned from the database.


Laptops may back up more data than needed.

2869, 2871, 2872

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.100

Issue Hotfix

Stub recalls may fail if the file was never backed up due to restarts.

2866, 2867, 2868

VSA snap backup jobs may report the backup level as full instead of incremental.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.99

Issue Hotfix

Child Server unable to download license XML from Parent CommCell


For VMs with disks in premium storage accounts, staging disks may be left behind containing the string _GX_BACKUP in the disk name.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.98 (Apr 06, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

CCM import may fail with database errors.

2861, 2862

Granular browse and restore for clients migrated from another CommCell may fail.

2859, 2860

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.97

Issue Hotfix

Glusterfs log files on HyperScale may grow large when /var/log is a large partition.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.95

Issue Hotfix

NDMP backup job may remain in job controller despite backup completion if there are failed attempts.

2856, 2857

VM restore with attach disk option may fail on restart of the job.


File archiving job will succeed and may not archive any qualified files.

2853, 2854

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.94

Issue Hotfix

Front End Capacity Usage Report may fail.

2850, 2851, 2852

AIX 1-Touch restore job may halt during OS restore.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.92

Issue Hotfix

AIX 1-Touch restore may not restore VG and user data by default.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.91

Issue Hotfix

Point in time restore option SSMS plugin may not show dates after DEC 31st 2020.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.90

Issue Hotfix

SSMS plug may fail to restore the database to the default instance selected in the interface.


Oracle Block level volume level restore may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.89 (Feb 02, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

Add support to recall Azure Archive objects with high rehydrate-priority.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.88

Issue Hotfix

Kerberos cache file may keep reverting to root may cause Hadoop backup to fail


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.87

Issue Hotfix

Log scrubbing maybe slow causing send log failure.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.86

Issue Hotfix

Azure High priority recalls may not work as expected.


Commcell console may hang during launch in a busy environment.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.85 (Jan 05, 2021)

Issue Hotfix

DRBackup upload to Commvault cloud may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.84

Issue Hotfix

MongoDb discovery/backup may fail with mongodb version 4.4


File level restore from Live browse may result in corrupt files.


File system backups with block level option enabled may fail after cluster failover.
Windows machine running file system backup with block level option enabled may crash if Qsnap Control device is opened & closed by 3rd party applications like monitoring software.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.83

Issue Hotfix

Capacity usage may be incorrect for license server model.

2831, 2832

IBM i backup job may fail in scan Phase


AWS S3 Backups may be slow and unchanged files may get backed up again.


Space reclamation job for cloud library may not prune orphaned data.


Data written on disk may not show correct value due to some volumes skipped for size update.

2825, 2826

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.82

Issue Hotfix

1-Touch recovery of Media Agent may fail with indexing errors.
1-Touch restore of a EFI machine where the boot disk is a dynamic disk may fail.


The latest date with valid data on recovery points may show 'No backups available' in Command center.

2822, 2823

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.81

Issue Hotfix

Full VM restore from snap results in non bootable VM


Front end sizes of VMs discovered in incremental jobs may not be included in chargeback report.

2819, 2820

Backup of Content with automount shares may leave those shares mounted after completion of job.


Space consumption may be high on cloud storage configured on Hyperscale MediaAgents.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.80 (Dec 01, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

The latest date with valid data on recovery points may show 'No backups available' in Command center.

2814, 2815

Kerberos cache file may keep reverting to root may cause Hadoop backup to fail


CVVD driver may crash while doing live browse


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.79

Issue Hotfix

Client computers in Commcell GUI may fail to load when some of the clients have long names for the OS version.


Restore job summary report may not honor client group selection field


Qlogin can fail while getting Encoded public key for CommServer


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.78

Issue Hotfix

On 2004 version of Windows 10, Windows System State backup jobs on UEFI machines may CWE because of failure to detect firmware in the OfflineFiles component


Indexing load balancing failure may cause file system jobs to fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.77

Issue Hotfix

Command Center: Overview dashboard Storage tile may show incorrect data.

2799, 2800, 2801

CvMountd service may terminate unexpectedly on media errors


Automatic Client Group configured with rule "User Group description contains" rule, may not list all the qualified clients.

2796, 2797

Backup may fail to regular or hybrid cloud library that exhibits frequent connection errors.


Performance optimizations for DDB verification operation

2793, 2794

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.76 (Nov 03, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Epic processes started from post backup script may attach to commvault service unit and bring down the Epic database when commvault services are stopped.


DDB recovery of compacted stores may fail with timeout errors


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.75

Issue Hotfix

If one of the agent is disabled, in the data retention and forecast report the entire client may appear has "Backup Activity Disabled"

2789, 2790

Windows 1-Touch recovery may fail if the OS resides on a dynamic disk.


Tape library configuration of Spectra Logic T50E on a SUSE Linux Enterprise may fail


S3 Cloud library may become inaccessible for bucket name with upper case.
Cloud library with AWS S3 bucket which name contains with "." may become offline.


Job Controller view gets blocked during initial Commcell Console startup.


Restores from encrypted backups may hang if there is any abrupt network interruption on the client machine.


Linux drivers may fail to load on certain version of Linux


Unable to Live Browse VM on RHEL9 kernel 4.18.0-147.8.1


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.74

Issue Hotfix

VSA backups using NAS transport may cause TCP port exhaustion on the VSA proxy machine.


Do not allow uninstall of instance if automount shares are not empty


Install of hot fix may change the permission of files under job results directory.


Backup index compaction may fail when path length is greater than 255 characters.
Backup index compaction may hang.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.73

Issue Hotfix

Out of place restore of Exchange Database may not work when Commserver is at V11 and deconfigured Exchange clients are at V10.

2776, 2777

Performance optimization for Data Verification and Auxillary Copy jobs to resolve database errors

2773, 2774, 2775

Out of place restore of Exchange Database may not work when Commserver is at V11 and deconfigured Exchange clients are at V10.

2771, 2772

Alert configured for No Backup for last 1 Day may not be generated for VMs.

2769, 2770

Deleting a snap copy may delete and remove other associations to the schedule

2767, 2768

Snapshot creation during Google Instance backup may fail with invalid URL error


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.72 (Oct 06, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

brick replacement might fail with error the disk is already mounted


Snapshot creation during Google Instance backup may fail with invalid URL error


Jobs may fail on Windows cluster after a failover until services are restarted.


Ability to reset CBT of VmWare VMs when running full backups.


CCM Import may not import schedule policies for selected subclients


CCM of VSA discovered clients may leave them in a inconsistent state in the destination commserver.

2759, 2760

Space Reclamation may complete with errors if chunks age during the Space Reclamation


Restore may fail when using SAN Data server configuration.


Auxcopy/DV job may fail for SAN Data server configurations.


VM Client properties may fail to open with error: please refer to logs for more details.

2753, 2755

'Delete all matching' button may be shown for users who don't have delete permission in Command center Exchange restore screen.

2752, 2754

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.71

Issue Hotfix

Oracle Archive log backups may not start when configured with automatic schedules.


Restore to QSYS library may fail with error "The parent library path [] does not exist"


SQL backups may get converted to FULL on chain broken for the backups run between DST hours (Nov 1st Sunday - 1AM to 2 AM after DST end).
Daylight Savings Clock Change may cause SQL Live Sync restores to fail with "The log in this backup set terminates at LSN XXXX, which is too early to apply to the database. A more recent log backup that includes LSN XXXX can be restored"


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.70

Issue Hotfix

User might observe schedules being deleted if there is a SQL exception.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.69 (Sep 16, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Live browse of VmWare VM may fail with "Enumeration failed" error.


Backup job may succeed on faulty network and later Data Recovery or Data Verification jobs may report "Unable to decrypt data"


Pruning of deduplicated data may encounter permissions/access denied errors for Sfile.idx file on Isilon/HNAS


Unable to associate clients when creating Hyper-V client due to permission issue.

2743, 2744

Backup jobs may be started on disabled App Aware SQL subclients incorrectly.

2741, 2742

VMs with snapshots may report an error "Failed to enable change block tracking on VM [] Err[Change tracking cannot be enabled when snapshots are present"


SharePoint online restore may fail with error: Member 'Fields' was not found.


File recall may fail when one of the mediaagent is offline.


Control panel tab for CommServe Livesync does not show any values preventing failover to be performed


Sharepoint farm pseudo client backup may fail with sql phase launch error.


Pruning of aged data may fail on disk libraries using Windows mediaAgents when switching between network shares based on different authentication schemes.


Persistent recovery job (Stub Recall) from HPE StoreOnce Catalyst may report LINK error MM.81021.


VMs may be occasionally backed up as full due to indexing meta data mismatch.


CVD may crash during data recovery in certain cases on UNIX MediaAgent


Restarted Synthetic full of Oracle backups with block level option enabled may fail to restore.


Backup, restore support for PostgreSQL version 12


Setting Ransomware protect by command line may not work.

2728, 2729

Some index restore operations could fail if running in parallel


Sybase database out of place restore may fail with error "No database to restore"


Package Installed smart client group rule may not find Linux virtual server package or Oracle package.

2724, 2725

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.64

Issue Hotfix

Content indexing job may be slow when processing PDFs.


Filesystem Backup copy may fail to backup some files with "No such file" error even though file does exist.


Oracle duplicate database with a different name may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.63

Issue Hotfix

Jobs using DataServerIP may be very slow due to excess keep alive messages.


Postgres restore fails to start the server


Backup of OneNote items may fail because of the exception of the Microsoft Graph API.
OneDrive Backup job may fail for the items which have the path length more than 1024 characters.
OneDrive Backup with single user may be marked as failed in-case of completed with errors
OneNote item restore may not restore the page title properly
OneDrive backup of few users may fail with SQLITE_CORRUPT[11]: database disk image is malformed
OneDrive Backup job does not report any error when Azure App Key is expired.


Gluster volume size may not get reported correctly after installation or node refresh of HyperScale setup


Support to recall a file stub that has been backed again as a regular file.


1 touch restore failure due to no active library controller


After Commserve failover, additional settings may not be synced to the failover node.


After failover, additional settings may not be synced to the new active node of a clustered Commserver.

2710, 2712

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.62

Issue Hotfix

Adding a new vm to a subclient may convert another VM to a full backup during incremental for VSA V2 backup.


SharePoint Online: Restore Online may fail for libraries with multiple renaming/incremental cycles.


Office 365 one drive backups may fail with the CVD service terminating when very long meta data is encountered.


File system browse from an auto commited job may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.61 (Jul 20, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

A regular file in a Linux host may get restored as a hardlink


Communication service on the mediaagent may crash while running V10 Oracle/SAP job


Commserve DB log file may fill the drive and affect the backup jobs.

2702, 2703

Duplicate entries of delegated mailboxes may be displayed in Web console.

2700, 2701

The routing table may have multiple default routes after AIX 1-Touch restore.


Live browse may fail during appaware restore


Exchange Mailbox backup jobs may not process mailboxes in the order of last backup time.


Network configuration may incorrectly use disabled data interface pair.
Duplicate DIPs may be inserted.

2694, 2695

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.60 (Jul 13, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

VSA VM client synthetic full jobs may fail for newly discovered VMs.


App aware VMWare snap application restore may fail while attaching the snapshot disks.


1-Touch backup may fail when docker devices are present.


No alert mechanism present in case there is a significant change in the reported Storage Pool space or if any Hyperscale device path is not mounted.

2688, 2689, 2690

Exchange SMTP agent service account modification may not be allowed in Commcell console.


cvd process may crash when sending logs from the machine.


Discovery by tags may not discover all Azure instances for backup.


Files restored out of place by a restore job initiated from Web console may not be accessible to as ACLs are restored by default.


Command center user may not be able to restore files without ACLs.

2682, 2684

Unable to increase streams for SharePoint Database sub client


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.59 (Jul 06, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Chargeback report may show incorrect front end size, app size and size on media.
Running a change back report may cause the tempdb on the Commserver to fill up the disk.

2677, 2678

Data Verification process may crash during LZO uncompress if data inside chunk is corrupted.


Command Center localization issue for reports and forms pages.


Edge Monitor may display the status incorrectly when the locale is French.


AWS RDS instance discovery may only kist top 100 instances


Scan phase of Block Level inline Backup copy may fail with indexing errors


Auxiliary copy job may fail with SQL error "Unable to find index entry"

2669, 2670

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.58 (Jun 29, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Live browse of Exchange database or SQL server in a VM may fail with database integrity check errors


Ability to use primary copy Index Server even when secondary copy is chosen for backup or browse.

2666, 2667

VSA App-Aware jobs may not always complete after successful application backup


Selective copy may not pick linked jobs when those jobs are aged and pruned on primary copy

2663, 2664

Plan associated entities and plan associated companies pages may not load in Internet Explorer.


Windows 1-touch restore may not recognize the disks correctly and fail to boot up.


Tape to Tape copy job may fail with process termination.


Command center may show incorrect French words


Properties fail to get updated for mailbox migrated from one exchange server to another.

2658, 2661

Unable to edit policies for on a existing subclient with "[" or "]" in name in Command center.


Option to set OKV_HOME available at instance level or registry key when HSM wallet is used to authenticate to Oracle database.


Amazon AWS S3 backup may keep failing with error "No more allocated streams are available".


Auxiliary copy job may fail with SQL error "Unable to find index entry"

2648, 2649

Network bonding options may not be set correctly when configuring HyperScale appliance.


O365 mailbox archive jobs may run for a long time.


Restore of Index server index may not bring the correct folder structure.


SQL transaction log backups may be slow when there is no connection to CS.


Rest API's may timeout incorrectly.


Cvrecallmailbox tool may crash when recalling from folder containing a % symbol.
CvRecallmailbox tool may be slow in recalling emails when there are many emails in a single folder.


Scalable reconstruction of DDB goes to pending for certain DDB errors.


The network interface may get assigned incorrect IP during AIX 1-Touch restore.
1-Touch backup job may fail after the system restored from a AIX 1-Touch backup.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.57 (Jun 22, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Live Sync job summary report may not show VM validation status for few VMs.


Upload files may fail with "Http 409 Conflict" error for HCP cloud server.


Ali Cloud option to connect to a specific region endpoint may not be honored.


CVD process may crash due to Autoscale expiration check.


Error 'User does not have permission on this entity' when attempting to access a subclient from a VSA backup job details window in Commcell console.

2633, 2634

Health Report - Storage Policy Disk Usage misreport Free Disk Space for cloud library.


DB maintenance may bloat tempDB due to large tables.

2630, 2631, 2632

cvc command line tool may fail when trying to access log folders.

2627, 2628

Unable to save Appliance hardware report to CSV in Command center.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.56 (Jun 15, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

MongoDb log file InstallMongoDb.log may grow in size to a few gigabytes


Deleted mailbox may appear again after refresh in Command center.
TrueUP sync job may fail to sync few mailboxes when there are duplicate folders.


Disk filter may not be honored for Tintri and CISCO hyperflex for snap backup and backup copy jobs


Out-of-Place restore of a VM may cause source VM network disruption in NSX-T environment


VMWare LiveSync incremental replication may fail when raw device maps are present in backup.


IntelliSnap Hitachi Vantara snapshot backup job may fail occasionally when certain array commands fail to execute due to sharing violation error.


Xen templates snapshot creation may be skipped caused the backup to fail.


Previews may fail for some content indexed SharePoint documents in Compliance search.


Nutanix multi node backup may fail.


Intellisnap Meditech restore may fail with error "snap device deleted on host".


Commvault Windows binary certificate may show error "One of the countersignatures is not valid. The timestamp signature could not be verified."


HyperV VM restore may fail when the host address is specified as an ip address instead of a name.


Acquire Lock and release lock activity may fail causing the entire workflow job to fail or loop for ever.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.55 (Jun 08, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Restore of Full VM from VMWare vCenter to vCloud vApp may restore the VM in the vCenter folder incorrectly.


Snapshots of Azure VMs deleted from portal may not be cleaned by data aging process.


Edge monitor in Italian language may show English strings.

2605, 2606

Workflow engine service may fail to start when it cannot connect to the Commserver database.


Media manager service may be slow in processing requests causing the jobs to run slowly.


DDB backups on hypserscale nodes may appear as hung


Command center report shows SP16 due to expire on 15th June 2019 even though its LTS

2601, 2603

Snapshot backups for Amazon EC2 and RDS may fail in Bahrain region.

2596, 2597, 2598

Media Size and App size in Chargeback report may be incorrect.

2593, 2594, 2595

File replication between Unix file system may fail due to excessively long file names.


Backup job may fail continuously in archive index phase on subclients backing up millions of files.


Backup jobs using SAN Data Server may encounter I/O errors.


Restores of VMs to vCloud director 9.7 may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.54 (Jun 01, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Browse from Failback DR is failing.


When restoring under heavy load (backups and restores running simultaneously, the all active restore jobs on a given proxy will fail. The vsCLoudFS log will show an exception followed by dismounts of all active VHD files.


Data analytics report may show wrong analytics date for client groups.

2584, 2585

When performing a Full VM restore in Command Center, under Restore options, "Transport mode for VMware" is garbled with "???" when the Locale is set to Japanese.


Content indexing of some emails may fail when the emails are treated as journal email incorrectly.


Creation of recovery point from Exchange block-level backup may fill up "TEMP" folder on system drive.


VMs with activity disabled may qualify for backup increasing the license usage.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.53 (May 26, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Backup jobs writing to tape with multiplexing may fail with mount errors due to SQL database failure

2578, 2579

Socket licensing is being consumed even if vm is deleted

2576, 2577

Google Drive backup may incorrectly fail when API's are throttled.
Allow multiple Google accounts to be used for Google drive backups.


Exchange Mailbox Reply/ReplyAll feature may not work in a cluster environment


Synthetic full may get aged from primary copy incorrectly.


Automatic Client Group Refresh operation fails due to SQL Recursion Limit Exception.

2569, 2570, 2571

Snapshot backup for MongoDB may fail with error like "Failed to get device info.."


After migration to mails new agent, stub recalls may fail when classic agent subclient is deleted.


EndUser Recall fails if user is associated to two clients pointing to different index server pools


Restore of checkpoint should not be initiated on clients which belong to client group "Disable Checkpoint Restore".

2564, 2565

Tenant users may not be able to see details for Exchange Clients.


CVD process on MediaAgent may crash during FBR validation.


Restoring the celera stubs to celerra or to other filer missing the fileGUID during restore. So recalls are failing when these stubs to accessed by user due to missing fileGUID.


File archiving client may crash if multiple recalls are requested at the same time from Windows 10 clients.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.52 (May 18, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

PostgreSQL snap revert may fail


Two factor authentication may keep turning itself off unexpectedly.

2558, 2559

False alert may be generated showing disks offline even when disks are online in HyperScale appliance.


Jobs to Oracle cloud storage may write to bucket names with capital or case sensitive letters.

2554, 2555, 2556

For MSP Customer, tenent user can see all cloud controllers (Virtualization clients) belongs to other company in power management configuration.

2551, 2552, 2553

Hyper-V backups on 2016 Node may fail to use CBT if Hyper-V host is configured in CS with backup IP or backup alias name


VMware agentless restore job may complete with error when user specified in restore job doesn't have permission to change file ownership.


CVD process on MediaAgent may crash during FBR validation.


cvd service on Mediagent may crash when corrupt files are encountered in the disk library.


License usage of SAP HANA may be incorrect.

2546, 2547

DR jobs may not prune when data aging is disabled at client group

2543, 2544

Independent disks may not restored to the same VMFS path as the original during inplace restore of VMS.


VMs may not get backed up with failure reason mentioning activity disabled at the VM client level.

2539, 2540, 2541

Backup copy job may not be cleared from job controller

2536, 2537

Firewall daemon may crash when there are too many clients connecting at the same time.

2534, 2535

Service provider admins and tenant admins should be allowed to edit the company alias names.

2531, 2532, 2533

Exchange source pruning job may purne items like calendar, contacts, etc.


AWS Bahrain region might not get discovered.


Snap job is getting picked for recon even when not present in specified copy

2528, 2529

For offline content indexing, if the schedule was saved without media agent option then after reopening, GUI defaults the option to first client computer.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.51 (May 11, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Resource reservation of backup jobs may be slow.

2524, 2525

NFS Object Store: Ownership attributes may be lost while copying data using cp command with archive option.


CVD process on MediaAgent might crash during FBR validation.


Content indexing prune operation may be slow.


Forecasting report not showing associated backupset jobs to the user (non admin).

2519, 2521

Forwarding of emails with an attachment may not work using Web console if attachment name has & in it.


When email address is not present for an user or usergroup, DBMaintenance workflow goes to pending during the SendEmail phase activity.

2516, 2517

Several alert message tags may not be in Japanese


Qscript execution may fail on SQL Server 2014 and higher version.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.50 (May 04, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Tenant users can see copy options while restoring data from command center


CVODS service may crash or hang


Recalls from tape may fail if they are submitted consecutively


Synthfull and restore jobs may not suspend.


Content Index may push more files in to index.

2506, 2507, 2509, 2510

Unable to specify storage path for DB2 Snap restore for database converted to automatic storage.


Mount\umount of snaps may hang.


Discovery based on tags may not discover all Azure VMs for backup.


Duplicate Live sync replication Jobs for VMs may be triggered in parallel.

2500, 2501, 2502

VMWare discovery may fail when using Linux proxy.


Office 365 authorization may fail when adding second Office 365 in Command center.


Dedup engine may not start after DDB is moved from Windows to Unix mediaagents.


Arabic document previews may not be correct.

2495, 2496

VMware snap backup job may hang for several hours while its waiting for snapsize to be computed.


Additional setting JMAllowInteractiveJobsRunInOpWindow may not be honored for VSA V2 jobs


Data recovery jobs may fail with decryption or uncompress error.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.49 (Apr 27, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Dedup library fragmentation job may fail on HyperScale appliance.


Azure VSA backup may fail while fetching SAS tokens.
Azure backups may fail creating managed disk snapshots with task canceled exception.


Index reconstruction may choose wrong copy to build the index from.

2488, 2489

SQL server may restart when app-aware snaps are mounted during restore.


Commvault communications service may exit abnormally when backing up to HPE Catalyst if reservation is found to be invalid.


MediaAgent service may terminate unexpectedly resulting in failed Snap backup.


Client level job throttling may not work for Oracle jobs.

2483, 2484

Unable to associate newly created copy to system created Auto Auxiliary Copy Schedule policy for restricted user.


Incremental backups for Lustre may revert back to full scan instead of using changelogs


Exchange mailbox statistics may not be populated in Command center when the webserver machine is in a non-english locale.


Backup resource allocation may take a long time and slowdown job progress when trying to do drive interruption with no stream available.

2480, 2481

CU ranges provided in Hitachi Vantara storage array snap configuration for IntelliSnap GAD backups are not getting released after the jobs are aged.


Inline snap replication jobs may fail for VSA v2 enabled clients


SharePoint Online full backup for large web may be slow.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.48 (Apr 20, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Limit switches of IndexServer by primary copy if additional parameter set

2472, 2473, 2474

Disk health incorrectly reported as faulty for SuperMicro system.


MediaAgent service may crash during VMware backup copy job for Pure storage snaps using NBD transport mode.


IntelliSnap operation may fail in Huawei HyperMetro system


Oracle 18c archive log backup failing.


VSA backup may fail to save disk indexing metadata.


Clmgrs may crash when DMR service is stopped while recall is going on.


Updated translations for entities such as Event messages, Job Pending Reasons and Edge Monitor. This update includes Italian translations for Edge Monitor.

2463, 2464

VSA jobs may not age due to cycle retention when only synthetic fulls are run.

2460, 2461, 2462

Previews of emails in Hebrew may not be aligned correctly.

2458, 2459

Incorrect primary app sizes of VSA backup jobs may be shown in Charge back report.

2456, 2457

Data Analytics job may not pick the correct data to index.

2454, 2455

When a new storage policy copy is created and an auxiliary copy job is started, backup jobs may go into a pending state.

2450, 2451, 2452, 2453

"Require Authentication for Agent Installation" setting may be set automatically when changing other Commcell settings.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.47 (Apr 13, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

DDB may hang while pruning


In rare cases, defragmentation of a dedupe chunk may not progress with ''merge failure'' errors.


Unable to create copy with user defined customer calendar


Catalog migration of Index database may trigger log restores.


Dedupe defragmentation doesn't progress when SFILE_CONTAINER.idx.change is being healed.


Scale statistics in the health report may report table archChunkToCopyHistory as big.

2442, 2443

Audit trail may show multiple entries upon editing a live sync schedule.

2440, 2441

VSA Appaware backup may fail continuously if the corresponding backup copy job failed.

2438, 2439

Dedup DB Reconstruction jobs on Compacted Deduplication databases might fail with following log line in AuxCopyMgr log file "Failed to Insert Record for Dedupe DB Reconstruction".


Mailbox backup loops same item repeatedly job never continues, fails or completes.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.46 (Apr 06, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Content indexing of Exchange emails may fail.


Backup job may get stuck forever due to network issues.


Azure backup discovery may not discover all VMs due to API throttling.


AIX servers may crash when file archiving, continuous replication or data classification is enabled
Driver cannot be unloaded if monitored FS was forcibly unmounted.


Auxiliary Copy Job Summary report may not show jobs for disabled storage policies.

2430, 2431

Smart client group for case manager clients.

2427, 2428, 2429

Optionally proceed with backup of Windows file system when VSS snapshot creation for system state backup fails.


Unable to format text(align left/center/right etc) when replying to an email from Web console.


Intellisnap backup job take significantly long time to complete.


Sometimes Jobs in storage policy copies reports incorrect size on Global Deduplication storage policies.

2422, 2423

VirtualizeMe may fail with "System state backup is not available. Please run System state backup to perform Virtualize Me operation"

2420, 2421

Version and service pack report may show incorrect information in health report.

2417, 2418, 2419

DB2 command line restore jobs for DPF partition numbers greater than 9 may fail with error code 11.


File system backup browse may not show file metadata like access time.


Live browse of a large VM may fail with an "Internal Error"


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.45 (Mar 30, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Server trueup job might run in two phases as opposed to run in single phase


Live synced Hyper-V VM may blue screen during test boot


Default magnetic pruning on HyperScale MediaAgents to use space reclamation job.

2410, 2411

Mailbox backup job may hang when it encounters an email with multi valued binary property data.


Permission on a shared One drive folder after restore may be incorrect.


NetApp Open replication/OCUM based VSA V2 job may be marked as completed incorrectly.

2400, 2401, 2403

Resource reservation of backup jobs may be slow.

2398, 2399

Health Report: DDB partition performance and status report may show wrong status.

2396, 2397

Backup copy may not honor disk filters


Java Console External Filter Import/Export deserialization fix.


Oracle incremental backups may fail in archive index phase.


Forward of emails with attachments from web console may fail.


Push Firewall Config may fail.


VM out of place restore may fail with security error when impersonating as company user from command center.

2389, 2390

CDR Pair(s) may not progress beyond checksum calculation.


Restore of Oracle Archivelog may fail when Archivelog are backed up using SNAP as well as RMAN streaming.


WebConsole SAML login will fail if AD is not reachable.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.44 (Mar 23, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Data aging may fail to delete Azure snaps if there are multiple subscriptions configured.


Online crawl jobs may complete with errors


Content store mailbox cleanup may not cleanup all messages.


Bogus disk health alerts may received for Hyperscale mediaagents.


Commserve may be slow and unresponsive when performing operations/tasks

2380, 2383

Accessing the content preview service app directly may show the context details including file paths.


VSA backup using NAS transport mode may fail with windows proxy when VM has snapshots with more than 4GB of data.


XML error when looking at client properties in the Commcell GUI

2375, 2376

View log files may allow opening a directory outside log files folder.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.43 (Mar 16, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

With agentless restores into VMs, Unix file ownership is not restored correctly, if the file user/group is root.


VSA license calculation for XEN backups may be incorrect.


Jobs on a Linux client fail after a cluster failover


Discovered VM alerts might not be sent intermittently

2367, 2368

VSA backup of Vsphere 7.0 may not use the correct SDK.


Oracle streaming backup channel process may crash after backup completion and rman does not release channels.


VSA Client creation may fail if only "Use Proxy" permission is given on data access nodes.

2362, 2364, 2365

Cases will not be visible in the landing page


Unable to modify Smart Group configured with a rule 'Client IPV4 CIDR Address Range'.

2359, 2360

User without the delete data permission may be able to perform delete from Commcell console.

2355, 2356

Oracle database backup may generate core files.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.42 (Mar 09, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Live browse operation may fail or driver communication may crash the system


Media retention may show as infinite for aged media.


VM restores may complete successfully but VM may not boot


Inconsistent information may be shown in fallen behind secondary copies section of Health report.

2349, 2350

Azure VM restore may fail if restore VM size is not available in subscription/region
Azure restore of managed VM may fail for end user as no storage account can be selected from GUI
Azure discovery to fetch VM list based on tags may call too many API requests to Azure, which may effect the API calls quota limit.


Aged emails may be restored using Quick look URL.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.41 (Mar 02, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Data recovery job from disk library with Lookahead reader enabled may show symptoms of high memory usage.


Live browse for certain guest VMs may be slow.


Content indexing of Exchange emails may fail.

2343, 2344, 2346

NetApp Network Share IntelliSnap: Point in time browse may not show some files.


File System block level synthetic full job may fail when there multiple subclients in a backupset.


Compliance search site may not load.


Plans page in Command Center may show up as empty.


Commserve Failover might fail

2334, 2335, 2336

Exchange Mailbox size and number of messages may show as 0 in the backupset details in Command Center.


Exchange mailbox content indexing may fail.

2330, 2331, 2333

Performance of Backup Copy jobs associated with Pure storage snaps may not be optimal when using FC-based mount hosts with multiple HBAs.


In certain cases Auxcopy job may show symptoms of high memory usage if Lookahead reader is enabled.


Some of the Sfile container files may become inaccessible after DDB Space reclamation job.


Recalled mails in OWA may not allow font/size modification when trying to reply.


Linux VM backups may report the event "Caught Access Violation Exception during LVM processing"


Tapes may not recycle if they have SAP oracle jobs that backed up only index without any database or log backup.

2323, 2324

Celerra restored stubs to DMNAS may not be recallable by mac clients


Health report --> Cleanup report --> Clients without backups in last 30 days may also show de-configured/deleted clients.
Health report --> Cleanup report --> Clients without package Or backups may show de-configured/deleted clients.
Health report --> Cleanup report --> BackupSets without backups in last 30 days may show de-configured/deleted clients.
Health report --> Cleanup report --> Edge Drive backupsets without backups in last 30 days may show backupsets from de-configured/deleted clients.


Send log job may cause unexpected termination of mediaagent services.


Commcell console may become unresponsive when running a scheduled report on demand or when clicking on a report job in Job Controller.


DIPs configured using qscript may not be honored during backup.

2317, 2319

Download button may not work on email preview popup.


Index reconstruction may crash.


OneNote backup may fail with the following exception. "Exception happened when getting OneNote Pages. Code: 20266 Message: The number of maximum sections is exceeded for this request. To get pages for accounts with a high number of sections, we recommend getting pages for one section at a time (use the ~/sections/{id}/pages API)"


Hyper-V VSA inventory operations may attempt to connections to HTTP Proxy if configured in CommServer.


Optimize Lookahead reader parameters for better read speed on cloud MPs.
Auxcopy job may report some of the Sfiles as corrupted if it fails to read Sfile container header.


New automatic client group listing clients associated to AD User Groups

2310, 2311

Data verification on HPE Catalyst library may fail unless scalable resource allocation is selected.


HPE Catalyst library may go offline when backing up Microsoft SQL databases.


CreateLab with VMs may fail to boot VM and enumerate all the disks.


Index Cache may be shown as ready even if media agent is offline in check readiness report.

2307, 2308

Multinode index restores may fail
Solr Multinode out of place restore may fail


Ability to hide explorer plugin running in laptop clients.


Index rebuild may be needed after restore of the objects from iSeries backups.


iSeries backup of library why fail when encountering locked objects


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.40 (Feb 24, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Clustered media agent's index cache location may be changed when cluster nodes are re-synced.


Restore of big VM could timeout after 30 minutes


Commcell configuration report may fail when customer is using customization logo.

2297, 2299, 2300

Web Console My Data may not show all email messages.


VM file/folder browse may fail for RHEL 8 VMs.


VM file/folder browse may fail for RHEL 8 VMs.


OneDrive backups may complete without error when incorrect connection details are specified.


User may not be able to delete filters from client group properties.

2290, 2292

Restore from synthetic full backup of "block level" subclients with meta data collection enabled may fail.


MongoDB Servers recovered after restore may start as root user
Skip validation steps (version check and server down check) during MongoDB files only restore jobs
MongoDB restore may not honor oplog limit.
MongoDb restore job may fail with errors during server recovery
MongoDB oplogs backup may not capture transactions after a failed FULL backup.
Enhancement to optionally quiesce/unquiesce MongoDB dbs.


HyperScale mediaagent node refresh may fail.

2286, 2287, 2288

Backup monitor shortcuts may not be created on upgraded laptop clients

2283, 2285

VSA backup job may go pending when any hyper-V nodes in cluster are in maintenance mode.


Commserve on HyperScale cannot be started due to no free space.


SharePoint Online list item restore may result in duplicates if item already exists even though overwrite option is selected.


MySQL agent related processes may be left hanging on client.


Restore Jobs of Amazon Glacier may hang.


Capacity/Free Space for HPE Catalyst Library may not reflect Physical Data Size Quota configured on StoreOnce.


Temporary files created by index checkpoint on the mediaagent may not be cleaned up.


DDB may get marked as corrupted when multiple DDB processes get launched.


VM file/folder browse may fail for RHEL 8 VMs.


Some clients may show 0 value for front end size in Chargeback report.

2273, 2274

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.39 (Feb 18, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

VM file/folder browse may fail for RHEL 8 VMs.


SQL Archive Job fails if the source table contains IDENTITY columns.


Mediaagent restart should wait for dedup engine process to go down gracefully


Creation of recovery point from SharePoint agent DB backup may fail if content DB resides on SQL AG named like XYZ/ABC.

2267, 2268

Install of new Solaris clients may fail in a firewall environment.


Invalid library controller name may be shown in library properties


Jobs do not get refreshed in the job controller.
Commcell console becomes unresponsive when double clicking on a report job in job controller a few times.


vCloud director restore may fail with "Error code 400 Bad request: Cannot modify Read-Only Attribute - StorageLeaseExpiration".


Command Center may not open the NDMP Agent page from the search hit page.


Delete media content may not honor the option to convert next backup to differential.

2260, 2261, 2262

Restored Azure VM may not boot.


Auxcopy delayed alert may be sent incorrectly for running job which is transferring data.


File/folder browse may fail for RHEL 8 VMs.


Backup copy of vVOL VmWare vm may complete with error "Failed to enable change tracking on VM. Change tracking cannot be enabled when snapshots are present".


SQL out of place restore may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.38 (Feb 11, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Dedupe pruning may not progress on network mountpaths accessed via accounts with no domain name


Fix to handle multiline custom login banners

2250, 2252

DR backup job may complete with errors.


Sometimes Jobs in storage policy copies reports incorrect size on Global Deduplication storage policies.

2247, 2248

Improvement in reducing the number of false positives in Entity extraction.

2244, 2245, 2246

SAP Oracle command line backups may fail in archive index phase.

2242, 2243

Mount Paths on HPE StoreOnce Catalyst stores accessed via fibre channel may occasionally go offline.


Filesystem backup may fail with automount file not found error


When the snap is aged, the Instant Clones (for both SQL & Oracle) created using that snap will not be listed in CC (GUI & CC). Due to this, the customer is not able to manage those Instant Clones

2238, 2239

Auxcopy and synthetic full job intermittently may go pending with error of failing to get stream reader information.

2235, 2236, 2237

VSA backup job may fail when using single tape drives.

2231, 2232, 2233

Ability to create case using any text in from,to,cc, bcc fields.


Nutanix AHV incremental snapshot backup copy may run as a full.

2228, 2229

Availability sets may not be associated to restored Azure VMs when they are restored to different location.


Scheduled reports may not be saved with the given file name.


Auxcopy of data from HPStoreOnce appliance to cloud llibrary may fail.


Recall of a archived email may fail.


Exchange backup may fail when the message being backed up is corrupted and has huge display Name.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.37 (Feb 03, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Space reclamation on HyperScale appliance may complete with errors.


SQL recovery points creation from app-aware backups may fail in mount operation.


Restore VMware vm to Hyper-V may fail.


HyperScale node network may not come up after reboot if /etc/nwintfx file had incorrect entries.


Backups may run into DB errors due to deadlocks while DataAging is running

2214, 2215

Data in a replicated VM may not match after planned failover.


HyperScale nodes may crash.


Azure VM restores may fail when the source VM has static private IP.


VMware backup using NFS transport mode may fail with the backup process terminating unexpectedly.


Tenant user may not be able add a new Microsoft Hyper-V client from Command Center.

2208, 2212

Database lock timeout may be reported in Mediamanager.log

2206, 2207

Index server may crash on AIX MediaAgents.


Ports in CommServe machine may be exhausted.


Isilon restartable NDMP backups may fail on resume due to busy snapshots.


NDMP agent backup jobs have lower performance on Hyperscale MediaAgents.


NDMP backup job with v2 indexing enabled may fail during archive index phase with ownership issue


Send Index logs may fail to upload index logs.


Multi stream block restore from Tape copy fails


Backup copy fails for Db2 snap jobs.


Sometimes Data Verification job with "Use Scalable Resource" option selected causes JobManager process to consume high CPU and memory usage.


Library properties may not show the disk space consumption correctly.

2194, 2197, 2198

Strike report may not honor exclude from SLA and strike count option at client group level.
Strike report may not honor backup activity disabled in the associated subclient policy.


Laptop backup may not follow subclient content/filter and backup up the entire drive.

2192, 2193

Laptop backups may back-up more data than in the subclient policy.


Unable to download files from Migration Object store using SAP archive admin GUI.


SAP archiving jobs may incorrectly start a index restore job.


Restrict access for the Extractor API


Out of place restore of SharePoint list may not restore the custom columns with the correct data type.


HyperScale appliance may generate spurious alerts for disk drive hardware monitoring.


User might see schedules on client even if client is excluded from the association

2182, 2183

Magnetic library maintenance jobs may complete without completing the action on the library.


Index playback might fail in certain conditions.


Cannot set the region on creation of VM groups


Custom workflow with upload fails to run when launched from WebConsole Forms.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.36 (Jan 27, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Adding packages using roles manager on Unix clients is failing when seed package is installed with Hotfix Pack.


Planned failover of multiple VMs may fail.


IntelliSnap-VMAX may leave behind dead paths after backup copy job on Unix hosts.


VMware backup copy job may fail for VMs with RDM Nimble disks.


IndexCacheCleanup is deleting the logs when playback is in progress


Network configuration fails on HyperScale reference architecture installed on FUJITSU platform.


Oracle Backup copy may fail on Oracle 19C with error "Failed to discover Volume details"


Labels in Edge monitor may appear truncated in a Japanese desktop.


Content indexing of journal emails may be slow.


Cisco Hyperflex VM consolidation may not be performed after snapshot deletion


Exchange Mailbox cvrecallmailbox tool may fail to discover stubs that do not have a CV message class.


SQL Server connection on a multi-node environment intermittently fails with "connection timed out"

2163, 2164

Browse and restore might fail from synthetic full for block level subclients


When a client group is updated, the group associations are lost.


Unable to add a Unix or Windows Cluster from the Java UI in some languages other than English

2156, 2157, 2160

User is unable to configure a proxy ESX at the subclient, when he has access to non default backupset.

2158, 2159

User is unable to configure a proxy ESX at the subclient, when he has access to non default backupset.


Ability to send additional parameters to paexec workflow activity.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.35 (Jan 10, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Add items to review set may fail.


Restore from job history of a VM may not open browse options in commcell GUI.


SAP HANA backup jobs may fail with multiple channels.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.34 (Jan 08, 2020)

Issue Hotfix

Unable to perform restore of data backed up by a deleted subclient from Command Center.

2149, 2150

In fusion cloud, restore would fail while updating bootable flag to boot volume


The tenant dashboard may not show any job information in Command center.

2147, 2148

Table view browse may fail for Oracle block level enabled clients


VSA Live mount from backup copy may fail.


AWS EC2 instance snapshot backup may fail if AWS takes long to respond back.


Email preview may not show all the embedded attachments.


Corrupt/infected emails may prevent further content from being backed up in mailbox backup.


Web console browse of Mac client may not show hidden files.
Windows 1-Touch system state restore may fail if upgraded from an older version.


CS Hostname Change for remote client not being updated in CS Database when done from Client Properties


Snap based retention may not be honored for Nutanix AHV


CommCellRestoreInfo view may not show all SQL jobs.

2133, 2134, 2137

Stub restore may fail when cvmhsm filter driver is not installed.


Event generated for unassigned storage policy for subclient may not indicate the client or subclient info.

2129, 2130, 2131

SAP HANA restore may fail if the password is about to expire.
HANA data only restore using the internal backup id may fail.


Clients migrated from other Commcells and protected in local CommCell may not be included in SLA count.

2127, 2128

File system point in time browse may fail.


Workflow to change a client name may fail.

2123, 2124

Azure VSA VM restore may fail when converting unmanaged to managed VM.


Support for TLS\SSL for MongoDB IDA


File scan phase for IBM i client may fail with disconnect error.


SharePoint Online to use additional accounts to prevent throttling of backups.
SharePoint Online: UserGroup export may take considerable time per each website.


Edge drive client creation may fail.

2117, 2118

Hardware alert 'NIC disconnected' may be reported incorrectly in HyperScale appliances.


HyperScale appliance may generate spurious alerts for brick daemon status.
Smartctl failure alerts may be generated on Apollo Gen 9 servers.


Aux copy job delayed alerts may not get triggered.


XenServer VM Restore Fails to Unserialize the VM Metadata


Custom reports' alerts may not include more than 50 rows in the alert notification.

2111, 2115

User with master role on any entity like workflow can create schedule policy with all clients associated from XML Protocol

2109, 2110

Entity extraction job may fail with batch error.

2107, 2108

Space reclamation jobs may fail on HyperScale platform when there are a lot of files to be healed.


Exchange Mailbox level may not have option to disable archiving,


Live Sync to VMware may not sync the VMs when VM Tools are not installed in the VM.

2099, 2100

MongoDB oplog backup may fail after role reversal


Oracle backups and restores may fail on Solaris due to lack of resources


Automatic balancing of index between mediaagents may fail.


Amazon RDS database discovery during backup may fail with "Keyword not supported" exception.


Oracle RAC out of place cross-instance restore may fail.


SQL restore from command center may fail with 'Invalid or Unimplemented apptype' exception

2095, 2096

Recovery point mount may fail when trying to perform a SQL Granular recovery.


Multi-node mount may fail for Nimble FC source volumes with error "Unexpected argument 'multi_initiator' "


Incremental scan may be slow for Amazon s3 backups.


Isilon NDMP Restore may fail.


OVM restores attempts to detach any physical disks of VSA proxy.


Send Log Files may not include logs from SAP HANA clients.


Fallen Behind Secondary Copy Alert may incorrectly show status as critical in health report.


Hadoop backup may fail due to kerberos authentication errors


SendLogs with option to include action log crashes

2081, 2082

Live browse with snap backup for Nutanix may be slow.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.31 (Dec 20, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Exchange mailbox associations shows empty mailbox size, processed until, and number of emails stats.

2078, 2079

SQL transaction log backup may fail when Commserve is unreachable.


Enhancement to detect automatic Client Group with circular dependency and fail the service pack install.

2076, 2077

Find operation on a setup with a huge number of versions may fail.


Exchange online indexserver playback sometimes may fail with long attachment names.


Search in a folder containing a large number of recursive folders may take a long time.


Viewing the Audit Trail report in Command Center will not show changes to virtual machine content or filters.


Unable to detect the Hitachi Vantara snaps mapped on ESXi host.


Multiple Oracle archive logs backups may start at the exact same time when automatic schedules are enabled in a Oracle cluster.


Setup of HS3000 HyperScale appliance may fail.


Enhancement to Skip Calendar items on Mass recall


Compliance Search restore may fail after 2GB of data restored when using Outlook 2016.


Nutanix AHV snap backup may fail if the content contains an explicit VM list and the first VM in the list does not exist on the cluster.


Subclients disabled from associated subclient policy were showing up in Missed SLA.

2063, 2064

Health report tiles might say the database needs DB Maintenance to be performed even if recommended or Full is performed.


Upload of files to Edge drive may fail.

1945, 2059

SQL log shipping restore may drop current connections to the database.


Command center may not load if Webserver is associated with a public/private IP configuration.


Download of software may fail while trying to generate list of rpms to upgrade on a HyperScale node.


Support for REST Api of virtual machines to return storage policy name.

2052, 2056, 2057, 2058

Restored Oracle instant clones may set ArchiveLog mode automatically.


Azure snapshots may be left behind incorrectly.


User performing VSA guest file agentless restore to a VM where the password contains a special character '<' will not be able to browse for path on the destination VM and the submitted restore will fail. No failure should be experienced where the VM credentials do not have a special character.

2048, 2051

Schedule reports process may fail when failed file object listing is selected.


Exchange reservation for synthetic full job may cause mount error when using tape library.


Salesforce restore may skip records from recycle bin.


Some snap job history may not be pruned past their retention criteria

2043, 2044

CommCellClientVersion view to list service pack and hot fix pack information of clients.

2041, 2042

Idle NDMP sessions may be left behind on the file server.


VM live sync status may not match in health tile and detail report.

2038, 2039

Oracle DB Native Archiving support for multiple driving tables in one subclient.


Oracle DB Native Archiving support for multiple driving tables in one subclient.

2036, 2037

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.30 (Dec 13, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

File server listing in Command center may not list commserver.

2033, 2034

DR backups may not work after network share password is changed via Command center.


Unable to push updates to older V10 clients.

2029, 2030, 2031

Synthetic full jobs on Virtual Server Agent may fail.

2027, 2028

Commcell Console may hang when executing a CommCell Readiness Report.


Backup Job Summary report is not displayed correctly in French

2024, 2025

VirtualizeMe operation may fail.


Live browse of AWS instances may fail when power management is configured on the proxy.


Browse of unix VMs may fail.


Unable to create instance or run backups on Postgres V11.6.


Exchange mailbox retention may fail to prune any messages from index.


Openstack hotadd disk may not be automatically unmounted after backup completes successfully


RHEV Backup for VMs with the standard (Image) disks and direct LUN or Pass-Through disk may fail.


Commserver services may terminate unexpectedly when trying to open the migrated copy properties.

2015, 2016

DDB engines node may not load for non admin user.

2010, 2011

Command Center NDMP Destination client lists all clients, ignoring security

2008, 2009

Automatic Client Group 'Clients With Subclients Having Associated Stored Policy' not showing any client associations.

2006, 2007

customer may see a core dumped from cvods.exe , during cleanup\shutdown of cvods process.


Few files/folder in browse may not be visible.


Job Summary report in Commcell Console may not show DB2 , Unix DB2, DB2 DPF clients.


Restore of hard links may fail when file being restored has too many hard links


Laptop coming online may not backup the new contents after a subclient policy change.

2002, 2005

VSA Jobs may fail when there are more than 5000 vms in one parent job.


Media Mount (CVMountd) service may use high CPU when pruning deduplicated data on cloud storage.


Sync operation updates VM group association to empty if MA instance is down.


Oracle 18c RMAN duplicate may fail.


Live browse of a large Linux VM may fail.


Browse/search of emails may be very slow.
Email index server may go out of memory.


VMware In-place Full VM restore does not restore VM inside the original folder


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.29 (Dec 06, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Tenant Admin is able to see cvfwd.log in view logs from job controller


Restores from encrypted and deduplicated backups may be slow.


Browse/restore on 32 bit MA may fail or yield partial result


NFS shares mounted as part of VSA backups may get deleted if the backup fails


Windows File system backup may not backup locked files.


O365 Exchange "All users" may backup all user and group mailboxes.


IntelliSnap backups using the Compellent engine may fail if the storage center serial number is greater than 5 digits. The following line can be seen in CVMA.log - "wrong returned volume vpd id"


Powershell SDK 2.0 - Backup-CVVirtualMachine may result in backup of entire VM group instead of individual VM.


CommServe test upgrade using DBUpgradeUI tool may fail.


Users without sufficient capabilities may be able to edit schedule policy name from Command center

1983, 1984

Multiple Oracle archive logs backups may start at the exact same time when automatic schedules are enabled in a Oracle cluster.


OS updates will fail since /boot/efi mount point does not exist.


Oracle EBS apps "Migrate to cloud" wizard may not list the target server list.

1975, 1981

Content indexing of journal emails may fail if the body is empty.


VSA V2 parent job may not be submitted for backup copy from subclient level

1972, 1973

Backup index distribution may not be even across Mediaagents.

1969, 1970, 1971

Index servers may be deleted incorrectly.

1966, 1967, 1968

Customized alert template may get reset.

1963, 1964, 1965

Under rare timing conditions Synthetic Full could fail with network connectivity errors


vcloud vm restore may fail when there are no nics in the vm


VSA snap backup job may backup all the VMs again after a restart.


VSA Backup copy leaves Parent job in to be copied state


MySQL xtrabackup may fail to run and reports version as not supported.


content indexing job may fail


VMware backup copy jobs should report CPU sockets of original ESX server which hosted the VM.


Azure app creation for Office 365 client may fail if the password contains '$' or single quote


Azure blob backup may fail while processing folders with empty names.


Sybase backup may fail for version 15.0.3.


Script to find out the bricks on which a given file is located and the status of the file on each of the bricks on HypderScale.


One drive subclients may not display correct schedule policy in Command center.


Post failover, newly active CommServer node may not function correctly due to certificate mismatch

1949, 1950

Oracle 7 cannot write to NFS object store.


Auxcopy job for NetApp open replication may fail if the snapmirror/snapvault relationship on the file server is in queued state.


Discovery search in compliance search may not work for deleted users.


MySQL backup using XtraBackup may fail.


SQL chain may not be retained as expected for read only databases.

1941, 1942

Backup jobs may start at wrong time after the RPO schedule is changed to daily from Commcell console.


Cannot find the views on the source database after an Archive job.

1938, 1940

Unable to assign storage policy or schedule to VM group in Command Center


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.28 (Dec 02, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Tenant operator login may fail in Command center.

1933, 1934

Oracle instant clone may fail when source database has FLASH BACK ON.


WebConsole may not show all VM for a user.

1930, 1931

Exchange Mailbox discovery may fail


Next run time for RPO schedule of server plan may not be computed correctly after changing the schedule from continuous.

1926, 1928, 1929

vCloud director VM backups may not show the last backup time on VM.


Exchange Mailbox Archive Jobs may be slow when lot of non-org smtp addresses found in Emails.


File Anomaly report may show old timestamp.


Web console may not display attachments in preview window on some emails.


VM subclient content is erased by Command Center unexpectedly


Incremental IntelliSnap backups to HPE Catalyst library may fail.


Content Indexing of synthetic full jobs of Cloud apps may fail.


Create user REST API may fail when one of the user group is not valid.

1916, 1917

Cloud accelerator restore may fail for dedup data spreaded over more than one mountpath


Exchange Online IndexServer playback may fail.


CVD may crash if invalid offset is seeked in a chunk during restore job
Auxcopy may crash if invalid MPId (not available under registry) is present in a chunk


File shares may lock up during stubbing phase of a file archiving job.


Generate jobs for clients with backup activity disabled with setting JMDontStartBkpsOnDisabledAgents.

1911, 1912

OneDrive browse from the command center may not work on folders with special characters.


Exchange Mailbox discovery may fail if the group name contains space


The Edge drive option may not get hidden in the Edge monitor after adding additional setting to hide it.
Edge Monitor may show warning as it is not activated on non-laptop clients.


Allow job preemption for SAP Oracle SOF jobs


add CI engine document to review set failure


CVD service may not start on clustered DR Commserve


Live browse of block level synthetic full job may fail when multiple synthetic fulls exist in cycle.


Horizontal scaling of DDBs may create new DDBs even if previous DDB has only a few records when AvgQITime is above threshold.

1902, 1903

Hyper-V cluster discovery may also list the source proxy node a cluster member server


Creating the Server Group from Command Center may not show any client associations.


O365 Onenote backup job may not backup the latest changes.
For OneDrive backup, number of failed items in the logs do not match the number in the job detail
For OneDrive backup, the full job is not forced on the user when the user moves out of a subclient and then moves back to the same subclient.
For OneDrive backup, many files are failed to backup because of throttling errors.


Command Center dashboard access may fail.


Commserver upgrade from V10 SP15 may fail.

1895, 1897, 1901

CaseManager: Deleting the definition may clear the entire case data from index


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.27 (Nov 26, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Compaction job on HyperScale may fail.


Install of service pack on Commserver may fail when upgrading the database schema.

1891, 1892

Custom REST API RptMonthlyStorageUsage response payload may not have the tab "Tag Notes <HIDDEN>".

1889, 1890

Incremental backup for Database agents may fail with no streams available error.


VMWare snap backup running on proxy with multiple processors intermittently fails without processing any VMS


CommServer Failover fails when configured to use Windows authentication


Browse may not show all the mails after a successful backup job.

1885, 1886

File servers page are showing same server count as servers page


Tape media with only index backups show up as blank/new media instead of aged media, after all the jobs in the media get aged.

1879, 1880

Unable to rename the SVMs for snaps which are run in cluster context and there is no array management entry for the SVMs using SnapMagementTool.

1876, 1877, 1878

Running setvServerConfig command for arrays set with array controller may set wrong svm mappings.


CommServ database table MMDeletedAF may bloat with entries for unmounted PnP drives.

1873, 1874

Table bloating for "sqlAnalysisFileBackupInfo" detected in health report

1870, 1871, 1872

CCMManager may crash with large number of dependent subclients.


Conversion of Nutanix Virtual machine into Azure fails in some cases


Web console within Outlook may open slow when there are many delegated mailboxes.

1865, 1867, 1868

Unable to create the DDB when the ddb path is having space in it.


Maps are displayed in Command Center even though disabled at commcell level

1862, 1864

OpenStack CBT - api requests may time out. permissions to staging_dir may be incorrect


File archiver recall may fail after changing the cache path on the proxy machine.


Backup Copy of VMs with RDM OR independent disk will faill with "No Disks found errors". Backup copy of VM with vRDM disks might fail to create snapshot on the vm registered from snap Live mount might fail to registed VM


Sometimes DDB Verification with Reclaim idle space on Mountpath(s) option selected schedules fail to launch jobs.

1851, 1852

Tenant users are able to create local usergroup from Admin console

1849, 1850

Live Mount operation to standalone ESX host may fail to register virtual machine.


Network configuration script fails with an exception while creating tagged vlan


Client Details report is blank for new Commcells.

1844, 1846

CommServe failover may fail with DB access issues.


vsdisc not honoring vm filter conditions for linux proxies


OS upgrade may not complete successfully.


IPV6 interface on HypeScale node may be disabled.


Hardware monitoring on HyperScale appliance may not work due to missing ServerView rpm.


PostgreSQL restore may not complete.


Backup copies for Azure Resource Manager displays as "Completed" but VM status tab displays as "In Progress" and "Waiting"


Content indexing of Exchange emails may fail.
CI jobs for Exchange mailbox may not complete and requests may time out.

1830, 1831, 1834

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.26 (Nov 15, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

File recall may crash the recall services on the proxy machine.


DB2 snap jobs may not be copied as per selective copy rules.

1827, 1828

DDB MediaAgent may freeze for some time during backups.

1825, 1826

Data Verification job of a tape media may fail.


Browse/search of emails may be very slow.
Email index server may go out of memory.


Sometimes SILO stores not clearing off of disk as expected after SILO to tape is complete/ignoring.

1820, 1821

Restore from VSA proxyless backups may fail.


Failures during snap phase of Meditech backups may leave orphaned snaps during cleanup.


Command Center: Non-admin user may be able to access health data using overview dashboard.


Oracle DB Native Archiving fixes

1814, 1816

Google backups may have performance impact due to exceptions.
Google Drive Backup Shared files and folders backup may create unnecessary failures if permissions are not enough.
Backup JPR may not be correct in case of low app permissions


Content index engine may go out of memory.

1809, 1813

Health report version and service pack may show incorrect details for VSA discovered VMs.

1810, 1812, 1815

RDS instance configuration and backup may fail if access to is blocked.


SharePoint Document backup may fail when contents are added are from command line.


AWS RDS backups may fail due to "Rate Exceeded" errors.


Install of updates on HypersScale may fail.


Files with hidden attribute may not appear by default in file system browse.

1803, 1804

Oracle Snap backup may take longer for configurations with large number of disks.


Browse of file system client may fail.


Stub backup may fail with Error Access denied under certain conditions.


Restores of VMs with RHV Thin Provision disks, pause, causing delays or failures in the restore process


Support added to register HyperScales MediaAgents to an external CS so that the CS on Appliance can be used for DR purposes
OS upgrade of a HyperScale node may fail if GlusterInstaller exits prematurely during InstallUpdates
Some network switches dont allow assigning already used static IP to a LACP bond
User was not able to re-enter password once registration to CS has failed in case of existing CS
Download of OS rpms can fail if there is a stale archd running on HyperScale nodes
HyperScale - command line option provided to properly report gluster volume size in
Do not proceed with OS upgrade on HyperScale nodes if .repo files exist in /etc/yum.repos.d previously


Point in time browse of SQL database in Command center may show incorrect databases.
Not all SQL database are shown in Command center.

1792, 1793, 1794

Company creation may fail from Command Center.

1789, 1790, 1791

Tenants may not be able to on board new customers.

1787, 1788

Detect orphan pipeline connection by sending explicit Keep Alive probes over FAT Pipe


Unable to export data tables into CSV from Datacube.

1783, 1785, 1786

Oracle SPfile restore from Snap or Filesystem backupcopy tries to restore from autobackup.


Stub repair is not happening for files with attribute L.


SQL restore windows does not list restore time and any SQL files

1778, 1780, 1781

Azure Full VM Restores fail with OS Disk Not Found error


Search Engine installation leaves behind some temporary files.

1774, 1775

Command Center may display incorrect count of "not protected VMs" for VMware VM's


On SolidFire ElementOS ver 11.3, the snap job with multiple LUNs may fail during delete with the following error message - Error in deleting group snapshot. Err[500:DBClient operation requested on a non-existent path at [/groupsnapshots/1]]


Synthetic full jobs for Virtual Server agent may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.25 (Nov 08, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Even after VM is migrated to the new destination host with a different name, Virtual machine listing page shows old VM client display name.

1769, 1770

Rapid TempDB growth and high CPU usage on CommServer.


Client name change could fail when tomcat services fails to restart.


MySQL job might delete Job results folder if it has spaces in it.


Stubbing fails for clients migrated to Index V2.


Exchange journal/content store mailbox license summary report sometimes may incorrectly report users from public domains(gmail etc.).

1762, 1763, 1765

Partial restore of MongoDB files may happen


If an unexpected file is detected in FILESTREAM container, the SQL Backup Job in Commvault fails even though SQL Server can continue and finish the backup successfully.


MySQL Appware backup may lock the database until VSA job is completed.


VMware backup using IntelliSnap may fail while reading source device information for INFINIDAT storage array with firmware 5.0 and above.


"Available space for cache" in the Software cache configuration dialog is showing space in MB rather than GB.


VSA licensing for snap may be incorrect

1755, 1756

Cassandra backups may fail with docker configuration.


VSA Synthetic full jobs are allowed to run even though there are no valid incremental jobs.

1753, 1754

Failover instance is shut down automatically


Snap jobs without backup copy configuration are appearing in missed SLA report even with the option "System include jobs for Met SLA" selected.
Hidden backup sets of SAP HANA agents are shown in missed SLA report.
Subclients having 'Nothing to Backup' timestamp updated are shown for Missed SLA.

1747, 1748

Not all jobs of a VSA agent may be copied to the secondary copy, when selective association is enabled at the copy level.

1744, 1745

DDB Data Verification job may continuously report some chunks as IN USE for chunks having large number of Sfiles.
After DDB reconstruction some uncommitted chunks may get marked bad for DDB Data Verification job.


Exchange proxy machine may consume high memory.


Exchange Mailbox may fail to launch more than 10 streams per access node.


Content indexing engine may run out of memory when indexing large documents.

1738, 1739

Find and restore failed for the deleted user with error GUID not found


Exchange Mailbox Auto discovery group members may not get added to content if group name contains space.


GRC import may fail due to missing dependent cluster clients.

1734, 1735

H3C Openstack restore may fail to create new VM.


Linux 1-touch backup may fail when enumerating network devices


Oracle 9i backup support


Data analytics job may fail


Synthetic full jobs of VSA clients may fail.
Not all jobs of a VSA agent may be copied to the secondary copy, when selective association is enabled at the copy level.
Tape media may not be freed when VSA job is retained for VM jobs from other copies.

1724, 1725, 1726

Backup may fail for NFS content store server.


MS Azure cloudApps backup is completed with failed files which are non-existent in cloud.


Oracle RAC subclient nodes may not be visible in smart client group.


Xtrabackup may fail when non-utf8 characters are present in MySql table schema.
MySQL restore may fail with error "Failed to unserialize IdxMetadata::MySqlMetaData Entity"


Catalyst Over FibreChannel Stores may go offline occasionally in a busy environment.


Add to review set may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.24 (Oct 31, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

PostgreSQL instance creation may fail.


HyperScale Imaging will fail if USB drive is not attached to the server.


Unable to associate SQL databases to plan in Command center.


With SAML GUI login from webconsole, Killing a job will show error message "Go To Commserver_FQDN to perform this operation".


Oracle Cross Instance restore may fail. intermittently.


AWS intellisnap guest file restore may mount volume during file restore.


CMode filers are sometimes treated as 7mode and registration for fpolicy fails.


VSA restore via Rest API may fail with the error "Failed to initialize a Restore request."

1710, 1712, 1713

DDB reconstruction jobs fail when DataServerIP is used to share disk library.


Oracle DB Native Archiving restore may not attach transportable tablespace to DB

1702, 1703

custom alerts might be generated with just headers and no actual value

1704, 1705, 1706

LDAP Secure connection outputs into 0 result for mailbox search
Exchange online mailbox discovery logfile is flooded with "failed to parse qouta error: couldn't determine quota format" at default log level


HTTPS support for Python SDK.


ORACLE_HOME volume may run out of space during a Oracle cross instance restore.


Auxiliary copy may not utilize all resources available correctly.


CVD service on Hyper-V host may crash if there is Linux virtual machine.


Restore from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage fails

1696, 1698

Library and Drive report shows N/A for media agent.


IBM iSeries restore is displaying "Invalid Destination Path" error for # sign in the path


1-Touch restore may fail to create volumes.
MSR and EFI size might be incorrect post 1-touch restore


SAN Data server may fail on RHEL 7.4.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.23 (Oct 25, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

New HyperScale nodes added to cluster may not be part of the cluster.


File Level Analytics report may not display all client groups.

1687, 1688, 1689

Cloud GRC import may fail.


O365 Exchange mailbox backups may not run in multi-domain tenant environments.


GUI may not show the default job priority correctly

1683, 1686

Enhancement to save alerts in a flat structure.


HyperV conversion to VMware may not clean up the snapshot.


Database recovery fails after restoring Oracle backup to disk using app free restore.


Unable to push updates to older V10 clients.


Tunnel failures result in jobs going pending


AWS Linux proxy created from template may take a long time to register.


1 touch restore may fail to get client list from CS

1674, 1675, 1676

Legal hold may fail to hold some documents.


Delete or download of exchange journal data from review set in Compliance search may fail.


Blocklevel backup may fail on cluster failover if the content is mount path


VSA jobs may be marked as partially verified incorrectly.

1668, 1671

RDS aurora DB cluster restore may be marked as successful even when cluster is in creating or failed state.


Salesforce backup may fail with concurrent modification exception.


Online crawl job may fail with loss of control event during the scan phase


Download of hot fix pack may not contain all the required platforms.

1661, 1662, 1663

Data source creation may fail when index server running on Windows server 2016 with Java 11.


Support for Unix access nodes in File System datasource .

1658, 1659

Unable to modify Index cache setting "Generate alerts when free space falls below" consistently.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.22 (Oct 22, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

HyperScale hardware alerts may provide incorrect information "Power Supply Disconnected".


Cloud Power Management fails with error "Failed to perform Power OFF operation for Cloud Virtual Machine []. Reason - Failed to fast sync VM."

1651, 1652

System State restore from Synthfull job may not restore the machine correctly


Automatic log backup after SQL Full job may not get queued when a transaction log backup is already running


vcloud director queries timeout presumably when the vcloud director is busy


Index playback may fail for Unix clients.


Auxcopy of data from an Azure library may fail.


VM backups may fail with ReadDiskMetadata error
vsbkp or vsrst process may be left behind when the backup or restore operation is complete.


Oracle database restore job may fail after restarting the instance.


If the content is empty directory the SynthFull job is failing.


Memory leak observed in cvd


Recall operations might stop responding if Commvault driver (cdr) is loaded on both NFS server and NFS client computers


Tenant Admin users are missing Live Sync Replication options in Command Center.


Unable to override data path for incremental storage policy from subclient level


CCMManager may crash some times.
Migrated storage policy deletion may fails on destination CommServe if it was associated to a plan in source CommServe.
Commcell Migration Import job may fails if there are multiple import jobs running at the same time.
CommCell Migration export job may fails if export MediaAgents option is selected.


Hyper-v VM file level restore may not work using Web console.

1635, 1636

Live Sync restores restoring fulls and differentials

1633, 1634

VMWare Streaming Backup on multiple VMs complete with errors "Initialization from Disk failed, error=One or more...


Unable to kill VM level backup jobs that are stuck in the job control.


Dump based PostgreSQL backup on windows may fail


Http requests to the webserver fail if https is cofigured and the machine is configured to use only TLS1.2


Content Store Exchange mailbox backup may fail if there are more than 1 access nodes and no local system account is provided.


Schedule tile is not visible when a subclient is created with a policy.


VSA V2 job with large number of VMs in the VSA sublicent may fail with timeout error


Browse on vm disk filters might not show results if the vm set is large.


Client name of cluster nodes may revert back to old name.
SQL Cluster Passive node name may revert to old name after cluster was renamed
Backups may fail after the name of the client is changed.

1617, 1619, 1620, 1622

Windows Oracle Instance backup may fail when using SYSTEM account.


File system restore dialog may be slow in Commcell console.


User may be unable to de-select a plan once it is selected in Admin console.


Allow users to override backup content of plans in Admin console.


Media agents may be take a longer time to come online.


DRBackup to cloud may fail.


AWS: Private region import restore failing with 401 exception during VSCloudFS iniitialization.


Retention values are not correctly set for additional copies in case of retention value being infinite
Storage Policy information is not loaded for Plan when selective copy is created from Java Gui post plan creation

1604, 1605, 1606

VSA Live restore operation might fail after restoring fewer files than expected


Unable run in place restore of file system data in Web console.

1599, 1600

Discovery for "Cluster Shared Volumes" may fail.


New HyperScale nodes added to cluster may not be part of the cluster.


Azure MySql backups may fail.


Command Center may show different dashboards for "tenant user" as opposed to tenant admin and tenant operator

1591, 1596

Anomaly Notification email may indicate the time in UTC.

1590, 1592, 1595

Exchange Mailbox and Database client link may not work from Administration->Servers


Unable to browse jobs from the storage policy copy level.


Update to use VDDK 6.7.2 libraries.

1581, 1582

Exchange Mailbox discovery may fail


VSA backups to HPE StoreOnce appliance via Catalyst may exhibit poor dedupe ratio.
Auxiliary copy of virtual server data from one HPE StoreOnce Catalyst object store to another may not complete in an expected amount of time.


Backup of OneNote may fail due to missing permissions on the app


Oracle restore from File system backup copy goes pending.


You may see hung threads waiting for nfs reply in libnfs code in cvods ( cvcloudfs ).


Connection failures if multistreaming is configured for failover proxy setups


Object store API performance fixes.


SendLogsFiles job operation on HP UX client may cause network interface problems when there are multiple network interfaces on the client.


Unable to select vcenter client for smart group due to specific User preferences (i.e., if 'Show Virtual Machines' option is selected).


SAP Archive link migration may be slow.


CSDB audit related tables might get bloated.

1570, 1571

Copy to cache may fail.


Backup/restore jobs may hang during pipeline initialization.


MongoDB restore may hang when there is underscore in the shard name.


Preview of Unicode emails may not be correct.


Commserver services may terminate unexpectedly when a user tries to login using Commcell console.


Oracle backup using client-side dedupe may fail.


PostgreSQL backup job may hang.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.19 (Oct 03, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

1-Touch backup may fail if /boot is mount read only.


Advance search fields From, To, Cc, Bcc may not work when field based suggestion is disabled.


Backup index backups may run for a long time with no progress.


Unable to schedule job for file system data source.

1550, 1552

When creating a Server plan, the value for "Days between Synthetic Full Backups" in the Automatic Synthetic Full schedule do not follow the primary storage's retention period.


Exchange Mailbox cvrecallmailbox tool may fail to discover stubs that do not have a CV message class.


Support for custom bucket name for VMWare to AWS live sync.


View schedules from client computer group in Commcell console for a client may not be displayed.

1543, 1544

Network configuration may incorrectly use disabled data interface pair.

1541, 1542

Users with operator permissions are unable to run or view media on Vault Tracker Policies.

1538, 1539, 1540

High memory consumption during file scan phase


Qcommand to add association to schedule policy giving timeout error after upgrade to sp14

1536, 1537

Azure managed disk snapshot may get pruned incorrectly.


Fallen behind secondary copies report may provide invalid results.


Restore of legal hold to review set may not restore all documents.
Add to ReviewSet may be very slow and timeout


Content indexing job may be slow when processing PDFs.


Alert for Command Center SLA report is not displaying data under all columns.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.18 (Sep 26, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

The license summery report may show an incorrect license count for mailboxes on CommCells upgraded from a previous service pack

1528, 1529

Hyper-V backup may fail with permission denied error when opening the VHDX files from shadow path.


Dell EMC Celerra files may get recalled during backup if archiving has been done on the same data in a different backup set.


Outlook Content Store login may fail.
Recalls of email stubs may fail from within Outlook.


Commserve CVD service may go down unexpectedly when backing up V8 clients.


Pair icon in Data Replication Monitor consistently shows exclamation mark indicating files failing during initial sync


Hyperscale DDB expansion may expand wrong storage pool.

1522, 1523, 1524

BTRFS file system from SUSE 12 can't be live browsed.


Restores for Exchange databases may fail with access denied errors when reading metadata files.


Web job summary report may show "no data available" until refresh (F5) is hit for non-admin users.


Content Indexing jobs for Exchange Mailbox may be slow.


VMC backups may take a long time to query the allocated blocks


Cloud Health report may show APP_ExtendedProperties with a warning status.

1509, 1512

Content analyzer cloud may consume Server File System license during configuration.


Backup restore may fail for private group with auto created service account

1501, 1502, 1505, 1506

Temp DB may get full and queries may take long time to complete.

1499, 1500

SAP HANA backup may not use all the available Mediaagents.

1497, 1498

Data verification may fail with an error "mount path info is not found in the registry"


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.17 (Sep 20, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Commvault processes may not come up on Unix machines.


NAS NDMP backup out of place restores to Windows file system may fail.


VMWare discovery may fail when processing large number of tags by name


List and item level permissions may not be restored.
Permissions restore may fail on non-English sites


Content indexing of emails may fail intermittently.

1489, 1490

OpenVMS back-up and restore of files with long file names (> 255 chars) were not supported.


Backup calendar not getting rendered on sql instance screen


Disk library may be reported as out of space incorrectly.


In Log monitoring Data capturing page in GUI, duplicate analytics engine name is shown in edit operation


Client name may change automatically.

1482, 1483

Exchange Database Live browse restore to PST may fail.


Unable to properly retire clients that have been decommissioned.

1478, 1479, 1480

Index Backup jobs may not age correctly as they incorrectly associated with a transitive copy.

1476, 1477

Duplicate case names may be displayed in Case Manager.

1474, 1475

Check readiness may fail after reinstall of a client communicating via a network gateway.


MySql restore job may crash with certain data.


Reports do not show users which are no longer in AD.

1469, 1470, 1471

On Solaris, Oracle RAC Unified Data Guard may crash


Simultaneous browse of a different backup job (same VM) fails


File recalls from tape may continue to fail even after the exported tape has been imported back into the library.


CVODS could crash with SIGBUS error on Big Endian machine

1463, 1464

When migrating files from Celerra to Unity, files may be marked incorrectly as deleted.


Unable to modify subclient properties of NAS and Network Share Unix onepass subclients from Commcell console.


HTTPS support for Python SDK.

1459, 1460

Backup jobs are marked CWE when content associated in a subclient is deleted on SharePoint


Storage policy information report may not show media appendable status.


Add items to legal hold may produce failed items if concurrent jobs are running with many items that are common to these multiple jobs.


Pruning of content indexed data may not prune some old documents.


VSA backup jobs may fail.

1450, 1451, 1452

AWS RDS backup to retry on throttling errors instead of failing.


SQL Live Sync replication may not trigger after successful transaction log backup on migrated clients.

1447, 1449

Recall might stuck in case of socket loss


Jobs on mirror copy may not be marked as disabled for backup copy past retention

1444, 1445

SharePoint Online backups may Complete with Errors "User cannot be found"


Installing updates on Hadoop node may change permissions of system library.


Unable to restore from job detail screen.

1438, 1439, 1440, 1441, 1442

"Job exceeded running time" Alert may not be sent intermittently.

1436, 1437

DR backups may fail after updating the DR backup password in Command Center.

1433, 1435

Exchange restore may fail for certain calendar items


Unable to apply Continuous Data Replication properties.

1427, 1431

Report schedules are not honoring the custom time range selected.


DDB Recover job may get stuck during add record phase.
DDB recover job may fail on copies that are disabled.

1429, 1430, 1434

Hadoop backups may fails when kerberos is enabled


Reference Copy of the big sub-client may fail with timeout error.


live browse from subsequent volumes belonging to the same VG may fail when browse is in progress for one of the volumes in that VG.


Intermittently attachments are failing to be attached in report emails.


Replication monitor in Command Center may not display in non-english browsers.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.15 (Sep 12, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Linux File System IntelliSnap backup may fail on a Pure storage array if the volume is renamed.


Synthetic full (with INCR before) jobs may get incorrectly converted to incremental and not run synth full job.


NAS client may not be searchable from end user search interface

1414, 1415

Live browse fails if EFI partition shows up as a volume.


Synthetic full job doesn't honor the data path configuration when set as using preferring data path.

1411, 1412

Gmail Backup may cause the process to crash, due to high memory usage.


Email of reports may fail if external user group is added in schedule report.


Drive pool odometers 'used hours' properties display in minutes instead of hour.


Onedrive backup may fail with 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' error


Oracle VM restore may fail with detach disk error.


MySqlLobBackup process may hang forever.


Find with patterns which contains Cyrillic symbols may return extra results


"Create Database link" command during Oracle Archive may fail with "ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended "

1402, 1403

Login may fail from Command center.

1400, 1401

Owner Info is not getting updated in GDPR Dashboard

1398, 1399

On AIX backup copy jobs may intermittently go pending when multiple backup copy jobs run using the same proxy


Backup of cluster group may fail after a host name change.
Physical node of cluster may keep getting renamed to retired cluster machine name.

1395, 1396, 1397

Onedrive restore options may not be displayed in Commcell console.


Oracle Logical backup export job may fail with error "Invalid table long name"


Wrong client may be chosen when performing Oracle restore (in-place), when the client has different "Display Name" from client name.


Windows file system block level backup may fail after failover.


Index Backups may incorrectly display a pending network message ""The remote end has closed network connection unexpectedly"


Hadoop Backups may be slow.
Restore of some files on Hadoop may fail when there are thousands of files to restore.


Exchange online backup job may crash


Automatic updates of reports may not work.


Live Browse of mount points under ZFS volume for an IntelliSnap backup may fail.

1383, 1384, 1385

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.14 (Sep 05, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Synthetic jobs associated to an empty subclient may fail for Virtual Server agents.

1378, 1379

Request manager operation to export files may fail in Governance App.


DDB reconstruction jobs fail when DataServerIP is used to share disk library.


Tenant admin of a company may not be able to add/edit content of Unix machines.


Oracle DB clone from snap backup of SNAPSHOT STANDBY DB may fail during recovery.


Qcommand: Update subclient/Instance properties by clientGroup may fail incorrectly.

1364, 1365

Client may become unresponsive due to system resources constraint


Linux proxy can''t set file attributes for VMWare agentless file restore


CLAW workflow may fail to delete archive files.

1355, 1356

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.13 (Aug 29, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Fix for commcell user group automatic dissociation for groups not present in the saml response


switching company view in admin console might fail

1350, 1352

Host name containing dot may cause duplicate client names


Downloaded journaled message for user from Search may contain extra meta data.


Exchange mail restore may fail when the subject is empty.


Long running restores might fail to import the VM in vcloud director


Command center search may show reports that a user may not have access to.

1342, 1343, 1344

Job gets reported as success even when in-place overwrite site collection restore through Offline Mining fails


EvMgrs service may stop intermittently.


AWS RDS backup to retry on throttling errors instead of failing.


AdminConsole login becomes slow after service pack install

1336, 1339

Account lookup taking a lot of time during scan.


Additonal account password will be logged in CVSPBackup.log


Add to ReviewSet may be slow


Commserver temp database may grow large when running storage usage report.

1331, 1332

No way to select explicit Storage Policy for newly installed client from Command center when default plan is present

1329, 1330

Multiple workflow that executes command on remote machine may hang.


Metrics reports do not show capacity and free space of cloud libraries.


Backup job summary report may not include protected objects intermittently.


Restores may fail with permission denied error after space reclamation job.


Full Linux VM may not boot after restore.


Blank storage tile rendered on plan details screen for rule based storage.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.12 (Aug 23, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Backup or Auxiliary Copy jobs to cloud storage may fail.


SQL table-level restore may fail when a table has more than 150+ text columns.


CVSynthfullODS process may get stuck when a lot of synthfull jobs are triggered.


Outlook contentstore may fail to sync if TLS is enabled on proxy/webconsole


Restored SharePoint site may appear distorted.


VM backups fail randomly with error "Failed to backup disk encryption key details".


SharePoint Online: Licensing fixes


EBS volume backup/restore may fail on volume size greater than 1 TB.


Governance app index extraction job of backed up data may fail.

1310, 1311

SQL log backups may get converted to full constantly.

1307, 1308, 1309

If webconsole and webserver machines are different, email templates in command center do not work


Tempdb on commserve may fill up after deleting a vm


Support for VDDK 6.7.2


Oracle archive logs backup may fail.


Archive index fails for parent job when all vms for a datastore fail software snap creation


Virtual Server backup may attempt to protect clients on which backup activity is disabled


Command center to handle passwords with special characters correctly.

1299, 1302

NDMP Restores may fail if the volume name has UTF-16 characters


Oracle automatic log backup may fail if wallet based authentication is enabled on the instance.


Unable to save the KMS settings ,for deduplication copy.


Parallel incr job is not allowed to run for backup copy.


Exchange PST Ingestion may not backup email in the root folder of the PST
Enhancement to support restore of an email as a stub.

1295, 1296

License activation may fail.


Azure SQL server backup may leave stale databases on failure.


Hyper-V virtual device node based disk filter may not filter the correct disk.


Table APP_CCSTriggerRows may be reported as bloated in the health report.

1285, 1286

EMC Unity snapshot deletion failure when delete request contains multiple snaps for same device.


Data aging may be incorrectly disabled on some clients.

1281, 1282, 1283

Library detection may fail for Drive identifiers when the number of drives > 400.


Recovery of SQL from VMware Appaware backup may fail.


Oracle DB archiving may fail to create database links


Commvault service on Linux fail to start by systemctl with error "a configured resource limit was exceeded"


Allow cloud recall without requiring browse using copy precedence selection

1279, 1280

new VDDK from Vmware


Oracle RAC Unified Dataguard after a failover still uses the Storage Policy defined PseudoClient instead of local site Client Agent property


Alert email is showing all protected objects for a backup job


SAP HANA data only restore from tape media may fail with "The required media is not in the library" error.


Index cache on MA fills up due to logs not getting cleaned up.


Deadlocks in RMReserveForDashCopy

1268, 1269

QS_DataProtectionJobSummary script is throwing "Arithmetic overflow" error.

1265, 1266

Synthetic full high water mark may not work for multi-stream synthetic full jobs.

1262, 1263, 1264

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.11 (Aug 15, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Sharepoint subclient creation may fail


New license application may fail.

1259, 1261

Backup job summary is not being generated for Text format with Multi-file output.


Intermittent power on and reconfiguration failure of VM during vmware live recovery and live mount operation.
New file/folder added under empty directory wont be listed inside 3dfs share.
When user kills live recovery job, some cache entries will remain in 3dfs cache, even after 3dfs VSA share has been un-exported.
3dfs process memory foot print grows by few bytes per live mount/live recovery job.


O365 License summary may show duplicate users and more license consumption.

1252, 1255, 1256

Database upgrade on CS may fail when some Remote Cache was configured with both 32bit Darwin and 64bit Darwin

1249, 1250

IBMi backup application size and throughput may be incorrect.


Entries appear in Windows system event log when we try to read boot block on storage spaces volumes, which isn't possible.


Selective Copies of Commserv DR policy might pick all DR jobs instead of selective jobs.

1245, 1246

SharePoint Online backup process may consume a lot of memory.


VM may fail to boot from a proxy less backup copy job


When data is aged from tape but the tape is not re-purposed, they cause failures to do power restore in legal hold jobs.

1241, 1242

A user with email address containing apostrophe is not able to access Command Center


Backup for SAP HANA HA fails


When File system errors are happening on system it could lead to Pipelines getting stuck or socket failures.


Failures.cvf is corrupted in multi-node backups with multi-threads on a single node


Restore of instance to AWS might fail with error 'Invalid IAM Instance Profile name '


HANA Clone fails if the source SID is mounted in the SAP Recommended way


Export to PST job may not skip on failure and move to the next email.
Legal hold job may often produce failed items which might succeed upon retry.


QBR report generation on cloud is not available for MSP customers.

1230, 1231, 1232

Incorrect value shown for Required By Job column when viewing jobs on copy


Exchange Auto discovery may remove mailboxes erroneously from content.
Exchange Mailbox discovery may crash.


One drive backup may complete with errors.
OneNote backup fails for a certain page, that has un-parsable time string.
Finalize phase does not happen by default.


Updating client properties might give error 'Failed to set activity control'.

1226, 1229

Case Manager client may not associate server plan

1223, 1224

Commserve failover operations may fail.


System state restore may not bring the machine up


Non dedup pruning may get backlogged.
Media Manager service might run into deadlocks and lock time outs while processing prune response.

1218, 1219, 1221

PGSQL dump backup may hang on windows clients.


Service pack installation on a Microsoft cluster with Content Extractor service may fail.
Service pack installation fails if the MongoDB service fails to start.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.10 (Aug 09, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Oracle DB Migration to AWS may fail. The Public IP is not assigned to the newly created VM.

1214, 1215

Email Content store (SMTP Gateway) may not clean up all the folders.


Continuous Schedules created on workflows might not run as expected


Workflow emails fail to send attachments when it is relayed through the CommServ


Aux copies keep going pending with "Failed to get the information of the archive file that was created from the archive manager on the commserve."


Unable to browse content of Windows Server 2003 subclients in commcell console.


MongoDB oplog backup may fail.


Auxcopy/CVJobReplicator job may show symptoms of high memory consumption


Exchange PST Ingestion may not backup email in the root folder of the PST


Restore does not work in Rocky OpenStack release


Auxcopy job for Isilon offline snapshot replication fails when jobs are processed out-of-order.

1203, 1204

Download updates might fail with proxy server enabled.


Oracle VSA AppAware backup does not fail when Oracle DB volumes are non-LVM.


SQL OOP Restore via Servers entry point is not working since destination client is not updated when pick OOP instance.


Backup jobs to HPE StoreOnce via Catalyst may go to pending state due to closing of idle data sessions by StoreOnce.


Synthetic full job may fail, indicates waiting for Index Reconstruction that never starts.

1192, 1193

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.9 (Aug 01, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Download software job fails to download Unix appliance payload.


SSO to Web Console may not function with OKTA.


Entity extraction on content indexed data may fail with out of memory errors.

1188, 1191

Nutanix AHV: VM snapshots might not be deleted if AHV fails to provide snapshot list for VM


Not able to disable index related alert for non-indexing MediaAgent.


Recovery client created during 1-touch restore is not getting removed after the operation.


Volume size may not get correctly reported on Linux mount paths where hole drilling is supported.


Mailbox content Indexing may fail.


Duplicate jobs may be seen in REST API responses.

1180, 1181, 1182

Download of email messages from web console downloaded .msg files instead of .eml files on MAC OS


Email preview is not asking for user credentials before loading.

1174, 1179

Contents on mount path may show jobs with backup time listed as 12/31/1969.

1176, 1177

Synthetic full jobs going to pending state with error [Controller] getNextChunksForReplicateReader() response is for a different reader [0]. Expected reader [2]. Controller is exiting in CVJobReplicatorODS.log


OneTouch MA not working on 32 bit machine


NFS Object store disk cache gets full when there is high dedup hits and high compression ratio.
Commit call back is not taking some extents out of the uncommitted list
When the file size is larger than cache size client gets nospace error.
When truncating file to smaller size, and then truncating back to larger size, incorrect data may be read.


Backup data browse of OES file system agent may not show all backed up objects


When user is logged in for a extended length of time without any operation(> 30 mins) or they have killed the browser session and logs in when the session is still live at server side, the user when tries to do any action on portal fails to load Admin Console


RHEV snap backup may fail due to active snapshot marked as regular snapshot.


Exchange Mailbox failures during Archive job due to missing files or folders.


Oracle crossinstancerestore completes with errors on Oracle 10g


Exchange Mailbox stubs may not show attachment icon.


Postgres backup might complete with errors.


Display appliance dashboard if appliance nodes pointed to external commserver.

1162, 1163

Isilon snapshot replication job fails with error "Manually specified snapshot (snapid XXX) is the same or older than snapshot (snapid XXX) used for previous sync"


OS upgrade of HyperScale nodes may fail with newly uploaded Redhat Rpms.
Unnecessary RPMs get downloaded to CommServe cache and Remote cache on Hyperscale node during OS upgrade.


Schedules may disappear after upgrading to Service Pack 16.

1158, 1159

InstallUpdates can fail on HyperScale nodes if GlusterInstaller exits prematurely.
Download of OS rpms can fail if there is a stale archd running on HyperScale nodes


1) O365Mailbox Backup may not show any error message in Job Details. 2) O365 Mailbox with an invalid license may be marked as failed instead of skipped.


OpenVMS restores may report incorrect restored data size


Active clients with the VSA agent may get deconfigured.

1155, 1156

Index location may keep filling up running CI jobs with temp files until disk is full.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.8 (Jul 25, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Bonding interface not honoring bonding mode


Subclient Details Report may not work as expected.
Global Metrics Server may run slow.

1149, 1150

Oracle 10.2 ASM snap backup via proxy fails to start DB during backup copy
Retries in Oracle RAC backups causing License usage increased by several hundred TB


Push update to already up-to-date clients will also launch installer causing unnecessary install update jobs.

1141, 1142, 1143, 1144

Unable to save "All Full Jobs" option on copy properties


Unable to download multiple files from Backup jobs, in Web Console, on MacOS


Endless scroll was not working on some grids that use it.


Cloud dashboard: support incident tile is showing incorrect status values.


MongoDB Restore fails with error "Failed to get the source server list for instance"

1132, 1133, 1136

Data Analytics job may complete with errors.

1129, 1130

Command line to set enable firewall property at a client group.

1124, 1127

NDMP backup may fail with error writing to job results.


VMware restore performance may be slower than expected.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.7 (Jul 23, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Enhancement to introduce an additional setting to disable truncation of dedupe container files.


Increase timeout of index servers to allow more time for Exchange log playback on slower disk or bad network.


HyperScale node may fail to boot after OS upgrade if Fujitsu services were running
OS upgrade of HyperScale node fails if nagios gluster monitoring plugin is running.
Hyperscale nodes may reboot automatically.


Updating any client group property may incorrectly enable the client group level job throttling. It may result in corresponding jobs get queued incorrectly.

1115, 1116

Exchange Database Message level recovery may fail


Even though backup finish successfully, restore browsing doesn't show all DB properly.

1112, 1113

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.6 (Jul 19, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Data Aging may fail to age jobs with error that Data Aging activity is disabled.

1108, 1109

Full VM CBT restore not working with Indexing V2


Mount Paths on HPE StoreOnce Catalyst stores accessed via fibre channel may occasionally go offline.


Download job may fail when CommServe is interactively installed.

1096, 1100

AIX 5.2 File system backup failing in scan phase for upgraded clients


VSA backups may not use VM guest size to calculate license usage if guest size is obtained from VM integration service tools
VSA backups no longer using guest size to calculate license usage in synthetic full job causing increase license usage.


Admin console may not show hyperscale storage-pools.


locked file backups may hang and eventually fail, and leave partially staged file when staging disk space is not sufficient


VSA backup copy job fails during Dell EMC Unity engine mount operations with error "Failed to get device list before the clone operation for host".


Unable to select OS for Hyper-V to VMware conversion when using a linux VSA proxy.


Installation failed on 10.7.* MAC machines


Qoperation may fail with "Error code [0x106] Error string [No response from Commserver]"


Commvault services may fail to start on Debian clients


Hide the file indexing and collect metadata options for VSA V2 clients in Command Center.

1089, 1090

File level restore from granular metadata collection is very slow for large volumes with millions of files


If an SFILE_CONTAINER is found to be corrupt during dedupe pruning, pruning might be retried repeatedly with no effect.


GUI Server Performance fixes for displaying running backup jobs.

1081, 1082, 1083

Protected VM size in License Summary report may be incorrect.

1079, 1080

Editing Oracle instance properties forces user to enter Domain/User,Password even though user wants to use "Administrator" user for sqlplus/rman commands.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.5 (Jul 11, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Storage pool details page in adminconsole throws database error due to datatype overflow

1073, 1074

Command Center dashboard - global sum of "Needs attention" visible to all companies

1071, 1072

CVMountD process may crash during Huawei ESXi snap mount.


Automatic schedule of synthetic full may not run for some clients.

1069, 1070

Job results directory fails to get created if the clustered disk name has a colon


Metrics dashboard double counts VMs with iDA installed for number of servers.
Metrics CommCell listing page is showing number of Clients which is different from Active Clients shown in dashboard.

1060, 1061, 1062

Updated localization strings
Some previously localized strings may have reverted to English after installing a hotfix pack.


Updated localization strings
Some previously localized strings may have reverted to English after installing a hotfix pack.

1056, 1059, 1063

Nutanix AHV snap backups are not engaging the application for app aware backups.


Synthetic Full job may stuck in certain conditions if Lookahead Reader is enabled.
Restore from IP Library MP may not mark chunk bad if Sfile container size is 0 bytes.
Job based data verification job may go to pending and may not mark chunk bad if Sfile container size is 0 bytes.


Transaction log backups are being converted to Full backups.

1052, 1053

Command Center: Dashboard drop down is missing in Edge browser.


Auxiliary copies remain in a waiting state when cloud mediaagent power management is enabled on DP MA or DDB MA of the destination copy

1048, 1049

Office 365 Group mailbox backup may fail


Sendlogfiles job on Hyperscale MediaAgent may fill up /var partition.


Unable to select any option in the command center after a browse failure.


Tenants may be able to see clients that they don't have access to in Command center.

1045, 1046

Unable to recall stubbed files on a Veritas cluster shared volume.


Support for activating and deactivating an organization from the Python SDK.

1041, 1042

Command Center may show Active directory clients as not configured


Virtual Server backup may stay in a running state when protecting Windows 10 VMs with update 1903.


Update status may show incorrect status for clients.

1038, 1040

Clients can be unreachable when cascading topology gateways are set up


Subclient creation for File system agent might fail.


Move the media mount path from UNC to a local path may fail


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.4 (Jul 05, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Oracle Windows Table Restores does not drop tables on import database before table import.


Informix backup may fail when database and log use different storage policies


Jobs may fail due to delay in allocating resources.

1029, 1030

Web Console users logging in via SAML will no longer automatically see a link to the Commcell Console.
Added a new additional setting that, when set to true, shows the Command Center link in Web Console for all users: showCommandCenterLinkInWebConsole.

1027, 1028

Gluster mount options in /etc/fstab are not being honored while mounting the volume.


Exchange online backup job hangs on a regular basis.


Browse and restore doesn't work when there is no alternative index server configured.


Windows FS sub-client could return no results under certain conditions


Allow only authorized users to do restore onto a VmWare datastore.


SharePoint farm WFE backup may fail with a site definition error.


Additional validations for redirect URL in Command center.


Process manager may not have the correct icon.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.3 (Jun 27, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Live recovery of virtual machine from snap backup may fail with error "There was nothing to restore - subclient(s) not backed up".


SharePoint 2013 document restore may fail to restore list


Backup copy jobs for Virtual server application aware may fail with database query error.

1009, 1010, 1011

Push installation on a client using remote cache may not install the correct service pack.

1006, 1007, 1008

SQL differential backups may run after the server plan is changed to run full backups in Command center.

1004, 1005

Backup jobs may fail with reservation errors.

1002, 1003

Azure snap restores for managed VM may fail due to Azure API throttling.


One drive backup may finish with Completed with errors if some users do not have onedrive quota
One drive backup may not automatically retry failed items.
One drive backup may takes a very long time to discover the users.
One drive backup may not discover all the group list.


VMware backups may fail to get allocated blocks from a VMDK.


Retention setting may not be shown at the sub client level when it is set at subclient policy level.

1001, 999

Linux 1-Touch backup may hang at 80%


Client Job history may show Data Written as 0 bytes in commcell console.

994, 995

Exchange DAG backup may fail during discovery phase.


GlusterFS backups may not backup file paths containing +.


Only the first assigned Nutanix SMB storage virtual machine may be protected with application consistency.


Turn off Index server redirect.


The Failover Config file may grow indefinitely on network issues.


Export to cab may fails from Compliance Search.


Snap backup failing


Restore from backup copy of SQL snapshots may fail due to an incorrect MediaAgent being used.

980, 981, 982

Web console SLA report Time Frame option may not work.

978, 979

Snap jobs with backup copy between 7 and 8 AM may not be counted in SLA.

976, 977

Backups may not dedupe with HyperScale storage pool.

974, 975

VSA backup may fail with error "Error in creating VM clients or subclients"

972, 973

CommServe failover configuration may fail when on non-English Windows installations.

969, 970, 971

Modifying the DR backup properties may reset the password causing backup failures.


Replication groups grid, does not show the configured replication groups in command center.


Command Center Console has no restore button available when browsing and selecting a file version.


REST API endpoint for /subclient with clientName provided may fail.


Command Center custom logo may not open on first load, opens on refresh

956, 959

SAML login with classic association will not work

955, 957

Empty vApp when included in subclient content backup fails


Hide file indexing and collect metadata for VSA V2 clients in Command Center


Backup performance to HPE StoreOnce Catalyst may be slow.


Unable to log in via ContentStore email viewer when TLS 1.2 is enabled.
Not all emails may be visible in ContentStore email viewer.


VMs that have activity control disabled may not be backed up.


Azure SQL backup may fail with authentication errors.
When Azure SQL Backup/Resstore, CVD process on CS gets crash.


SharePoint office 365 backups may complete with failed items for catalogs users.


Exported report date and time may not follow regional settings.


File analytics index pruning may fail.


qoperation execute may fail when supplying a new client name in the input XML.


Commserver services may terminate when a user logs in Commcell console.


Replication to Azure may hang.


Adding items to review set may be slow when the emails have large attachments.


Command center may now show backup sets associated with NAS clients.


Amazon RDS snapshot copy may fail with error "The snapshot requires a target option group with the following options" when custom option group is specified for RDS instance.


File Analytics client list may take longer time to load.

922, 938, 953

For subclients associated to subclient policy, user may not be able to modify the default application read buffer size in commcell console.

927, 937

Not all files with duplicate names may to protected when running a legal hold job.
Exporting all items from a review set may fail.


Filtered Amazon virtual machines for backup may still be backed up.


Compliance search does not redirect the user to login page when session times out.
Bulk export operation in Compliance search may try to submit aged items when performing operation from compliance search.


Indexing V2 should be enabled automatically for new VCloud clients


ScaleOut/Hyperscale network bonding defaults to round-robin(mode=0) regardless of option selected during setupsds


CISCO C240 HyperScale node may not boot to the new kernel after the upgrade to 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64.


GUI freezes while opening copy properties as first operation after reopening the GUI


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.2 (Jun 21, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

SP16 service pack installation might fail with configuring OrientDB.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP16.1 (Jun 17, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Tunneled connections may stall after network errors