Full Backups

Backups for any client start with a full backup. For Agents that support non-full backups, the full backup becomes a baseline to which subsequent backup types are applied. For example, if an agent supports incremental backups, a full backup must be performed before an incremental backup can be initiated.

A full backup contains all the data in the subclient contents. If a client computer has multiple agents installed, then the subclients of each agent require a full backup in order to secure all of the data on that client. Backups can also be performed at the backup set or instance level, and will apply to all of the subclients within the selected backup set or instance.

A non-full backup is automatically converted to a full backup in the following situations:

  • First backup of the subclient.

  • Promote a secondary storage policy copy that is not synchronized with a primary copy (for all the subclients of a storage policy).

  • If a backup job within the most recent backup cycle is pruned or disabled from a primary copy.

  • If you switch from a IntelliSnap backup to a traditional backup or vice versa.

  • CommCell Migration operation.