Installations Using the CommCell Console (Remote Installations)

Use the CommCell Console to remotely install agents and other Commvault software on one or more computers. Installations from the CommCell Console are known as remote installations.

When you perform a remote installation, the CommServe sends the software to each of the selected computers, and then silently installs the software in parallel.

To perform remote installations, the Commvault software must be available in the CommServe cache directory. If the software is not available, it is automatically downloaded during the remote installation.

Remote installations are useful in the following scenarios:

  • You want to install the software simultaneously on multiple computers without the need to physically log on to the computers. This applies to large data centers or distributed WAN environments.

  • You want to schedule the installation to run at a specified date and time.

For instructions, see Installing Commvault Remotely Using the CommCell Console.

For those clients with third-party applications (such as Oracle), you can configure the CommCell Console to install the Commvault software automatically based on the application that is installed on the client. For instructions, see Installing Commvault By Enabling Automatic Detection of Applications Installed on Clients.