Installer: UNIX Advanced Options

Use this page in the wizard to select advanced settings when installing UNIX based Commvault packages.


For information about how to set the directory and file permissions for UNIX databases and file systems, see Setting the Commvault Directory and File Permissions After Installing or Upgrading a UNIX File System or a UNIX Database.

Number Of Streams

Specify the appropriate number of streams. The number of streams ensures that concurrent backup/restore streams have sufficient system resources.

Unix Group

Specify a dedicated UNIX group for all Commvault processes. Users associated to the UNIX group are granted access rights over Commvault configuration files, registry, and log files.

If you plan to install a database agent, assign the UNIX group that is used by the database application, and add the database users to the group. For example, if you are installing the Oracle Agent, you should specify the "dba" group.

Access permissions for group users

Specify the access control permissions for the specified UNIX group.

Access permissions for other users

Specify the access control permissions for Commvault binaries for other users.

Review the writable permissions to other (world) computer users if the last two digits of file permissions are 2,3,6, or 7, for potential security vulnerability.

Override Unix Group and Permissions

Select to change the UNIX group and access permissions settings that you configured during the installation. You can run the cvpkgchg utility to update the settings.

If you perform a remote installation by using the CommCell Console, any modification to the UNIX group and access permissions will not be applied to the client unless the Override Unix Group and Permissions check box is enabled.

Temporary directory for installer

Specify the path to the directory where you want to extract the Commvault installation files.

By default, the installation files are extracted to the $HOME/.gxsetup directory, or, if $HOME is “/”, to the /tmp/.gxsetup directory.

Listen only on the network interface used as hostname

Select to force all services to listen to the network interface of the client to communicate with the CommServe computer.

Select 32-bit or 64-bit Packages

  • Default

    Select this option to install 64-bit agents. By default, the installer deploys 64-bit agents.

  • Install 32-bit instead of default 64-bit packages (Linux_x86_64 only) - This will protect 32-bit applications only

    If you have a 64-bit Linux computer and you want to protect 32-bit applications, select this option to install 32-bit agents.