IntelliSnap Backup - Support

Initial IntelliSnap Setup

Deployment and a successful initial run of an IntelliSnap backup in some complex environments may require customization, due to specific dependencies in your environment. The following parameters are known to affect the deployment and initial run and hence need a thorough evaluation:

  • Firmware versions on the array

  • Device types

  • Mode of access

  • Security configuration

  • Operating Systems interacting with the storage array

  • Application layout on the storage array LUNs

License Requirements

You can choose to use one of the following licensing mechanisms:

  • Traditional License that is based upon products and features in your CommCell.

  • Capacity License that is based upon the amount of data that you want to protect.

For comprehensive information about licensing, see License Administration.

Traditional License

The following license types are available for IntelliSnap.


License Type

License Consumption

IntelliSnap Operations

Hardware Snapshot Enabler

1 license per Client

NetApp SnapVault and SnapMirror

NetApp Snap Management

1 license per CommCell

Capacity License

License Type

License Consumption


1 license per CommCell for n Terabytes (TB) of protected data


1 license per CommCell for n Terabytes (TB) of protected data