Known Issues for Edge Endpoint Solutions in 11.20

Data To Process Value Mismatch for Edge Backups During Auxiliary Copy Jobs

If Edge backup data is being processed during the auxiliary copy operation, the values in the Total Data Processed field in the Auxiliary Copy Job Details dialog box might exceed the Total Data to Process field and the auxiliary copy job may keep running at 100%. This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.

After Web Server Upgrade You Must Upgrade Outlook Add-In with ContentStore

After upgrading the Web Server to Service Pack 9, you must upgrade the Outlook Add-In with ContentStore or Outlook Add-In with ContentStore and Edge Attachment Store packages on clients in your environment to the latest versions. Otherwise, users will not be able to see previews from the ContentStore node in Microsoft Outlook.

For links to the latest download packages and installation information, see Outlook Add-In Packages.