Known Issues for Snapshot Management in 11.20

Inconsistent Volume Backup Occurs Because of Manually Deleted IntelliSnap and Backup Copy Jobs

Applies To: UNIX File System, Windows File System, Oracle, MySQL, and PostGreSQL with block-level backup enabled

If block-level backups are enabled and unmaterialized IntelliSnap or backup copy jobs are manually deleted, the subsequent backup copy job does not include the changes that happened during the deleted IntelliSnap or backup copy job. This could result in inconsistent volume backups. You might not be able to recover the file system or database from the backed-up data.


An unmaterialized IntelliSnap is a snap copy job for which corresponding backup copy job is not run.

To resolve this issue, if an unmaterialized IntelliSnap or backup copy is manually deleted, run an immediate full, block-level backup job.