Known Issues for Virtualization in 11.20

For Virtualization Clients That Use Indexing Version 2, Upgrade All Access Nodes (VSA Proxies) to Feature Release 20

For virtualization clients that are configured for VM-centric operations using Indexing Version 2 (VSA V2), you should upgrade all MediaAgents and access nodes (VSA proxies) to Feature Release 20 (11.20).

After you upgrade the CommServe system to 11.20 (Feature Release 20), upgrade all VSA proxies to 11.20.

If all VSA proxy machines are at an earlier release, enhancements for 11.20 are not used. If some proxies are updated to 11.20 and others are at an earlier release, only the 11.20 proxies are used for operations, which might result in slower performance.

If a virtual server instance or a subclient uses a VSA proxy that has not been upgraded to 11.20, you receive an error message when you run a backup, asking you to upgrade the proxy.

Auxiliary Copy to Snap Copy of VSA Indexing Version 2 Jobs Are Not Supported if All MediaAgents Are Not Upgraded to Feature Release 20

All MediaAgents must be upgraded to Feature Release 20, or else Commvault skips VSA Indexing Version 2 jobs that are running auxiliary copy operations that replicate data to snapshot copies.

For more information, see KB Article 59544.

Backups and Restores Do Not Work for Files and Folders if the Storage Spaces Direct Solution is Configured on the Guest Instance

As a workaround, install the File System Core and File System software packages on the guest instance, back up the volumes in the clustered storage, and then restore the files from the file system backup.