Migrating Citrix Xen Guest VMs to Another Hypervisor or Physical Host

Use this procedure to migrate Citrix Xen guest VMs to a non-Citrix Xen environment such as another hypervisor or physical host.


  1. Copy the file /boot/xen.gz* from the hypervisor to the /boot directory on the Citrix Xen guest VM.

  2. Perform an incremental backup.

  3. Generate the single stage DVD04.iso using the 1-Touch for Linux - Single-Stage DVD procedure, see 1-Touch for Linux - Single-Stage DVD.

  4. During the restore operation, from the boot menu, select the option that has Xen in the label.

  5. After the YaST GUI launches, switch to an alternative terminal and type the command:

    touch /tmp/migrate_xenguest