New Features for Reports in 11.20

Define User Security for Scheduled Reports

When scheduling a report, you can use the End User Security option to only include information from entities, such as client computers and MediaAgents, that are visible to each user who receives the reports.

This option is helpful in MSP environments where tenant administrators want to use one schedule to generate a report for multiple tenant end users. In this case, each report displays different information for each tenant end user, according to the entities they have permission to view.

For more information, see Scheduling Report on the CommCell Console.

Evaluate CommCell Security by Viewing the Security Assessment Report

The Security Assessment Report can help you strengthen security in the CommCell environment. View the report to see a list of settings for user access, auditing, backup encryption, and other types of security-related features that you can configure in the Commvault software. Many of the settings that are listed include links to reports with more detailed information about the settings or to documentation about how to configure the settings.

You can access this report in the Health Report from the Security Assessment tile.

For more information, see Security Assessment Report.

Monitor the Commvault HyperScale Platform Using the HyperScale Dashboard

In the Command Center, the HyperScale dashboard displays critical information about the status and performance of the Commvault HyperScale data protection platform. Many of the tiles on the HyperScale dashboard link to more detailed reports that you can use to analyze the collected data.

For more information, see HyperScale Dashboard.

Monitor Usage on the Licensing Server Using the License Server Usage Summary Report

The License Server Usage Summary Report displays the current license usage for all CommServe computers in a multi-CommCell environment that has a licensing server. This report includes each type of license, the number of purchased licenses, the number of used licenses, and the percentage of licenses consumed.

You can use this report to track license requirements and usage for all CommCell environments in your organization.

For more information, see License Server Usage Summary Report.