Optimizing Deduplication Database (DDB) Reconstruction

You can use the Convert DDB To V5 workflow to optimize the DDB reconstruction performance. A pruning journal is maintained that logs all the records that are removed during the pruning operation. These pruning logs are updated periodically which helps in the DDB reconstruction to complete the prune records phase.


How Does it Work?

This workflow automates the following operations:

  • Runs DDB compaction on the upgraded DDB MediaAgents.

  • Configures the feature to optimize the DDB reconstruction performance.

Before You Begin

Upgrade the following to service pack 14 or a more recent release:

  • Data mover MediaAgent

  • Deduplication database MediaAgents

  • Commserve server

For information about upgrading, see: Upgrades.


While the workflow runs, the DDB is put into maintenance mode, and jobs that require interaction with the DDB go into a pending state.


  1. To convert the deduplication databases to V5, execute the Convert DDB To V5 workflow.


After the workflow completes successfully, the registered email administrator receives an email to confirm the operation.