Performing a SAP on Oracle Full Backup

A full backup is the most comprehensive backup and is the baseline for incremental backups.

Note: When you perform an offline backup from the CommCell Console, the database is shut down by default. You can set the sNOOFFLINEFORCE Additional Setting to Y to disable the forced database shutdown.

You can specify database log only backups to start when the log files on the disk reach a specified percentage of the disk or the number of log files on the disk matches the specified number. For more information on automatic log backup schedule policies, see Creating an Automatic Schedule for Database Log Backups.

Before You Begin

If the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode, you must create an offline subclient.

If the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode and database accessibility is a priority, create an online or consistent online subclient.

About This Task

A consistent online backup includes the data and the offline redo logs that are generated during the data backup. When you perform a backup on a consistent online data subclient, the data is consistent because the offline redo log files created by BRBACKUP backed up with the database files on the same volume. The logs that are part of the consistent online backup are part of the data backup and included in the BRBACKUP summary file.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > SAP for Oracle > instance.

  2. Right-click the subclient and click Backup.

  3. On the Backup Options for Subclient dialog box, select the backup type and job initiation:

    1. In the Backup Type section, select the Full option.

    2. In the Job Initiation section, choose to run the backup now or schedule it.


      If you selected Schedule, set up the schedule.

      For information on configuring a backup schedule, see Schedule Backups.

  4. Click OK to close the Backup Options dialog box.