Plan the Client Upgrade

After the CommServe and MediaAgent upgrade, you can upgrade the clients in your CommCell environment.

We recommend that MediaAgents are already upgraded before the client upgrade. However, clients and MediaAgents can be upgraded at the same time.

Use the following checklist to prepare for the upgrade:

Verify System Requirements

Make sure that the clients satisfy the minimum requirements for the new Commvault software.

From the System Requirements home page, select the agent or other software that is installed on the client to review its system requirements.

Decide Which Clients To Upgrade

You can choose not to upgrade all the clients in your CommCell environment. However, you will not benefit from the new features in the current Commvault version.

We recommend that you schedule the client upgrade based on geographic locations and importance of applications.


  • If MediaAgents are associated with the clients that you plan to upgrade, make sure that the MediaAgents are also upgraded. If a client is upgraded and its associated MediaAgent is not, new features will not be available for the client.

  • For optimal and reliable performance, the CommServe computer and clients should always operate at the same version and service pack level.

Review the Restart Requirements for Database Agents

Certain database agents require that you restart the database services during the upgrade process.

If the client has database agents installed, refer to the following topics to determine whether the agents require a database restart:

Review Deprecated Products

Some products were deprecated in V11. Most deprecated products are either replaced or merged with new products.

For more information, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Products.