Preinstallation Checklist for Application Manager Node

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the client computer where the Application Manager Node package will be installed and to gather all the information required during the installation.

In a typical environment, the Application Manager service runs on the CommServe computer. The Application Manager service provides access to server and client configurations for local and remote processes. To increase the scalability of your environment, you can offload the Application Manager service by installing the Application Manager Node package on a different client, and then configuring a computer group to use the Application Manager Node client as the Application Manager services host. For more information, see Application Manager Node Overview.

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer where you will install the Application Manager Node package satisfies the minimum requirements. For more information, see System Requirements for Application Manager Node.

Verify License Requirements

You do not need a license to install the Application Manager Node package.

Determine the Install Location

Based on your environment, install the Application Manager Node package on an appropriate computer. The computer must be a member of the computer group for which you want to offload the CommServe Application Manager service from the CommServe computer.

Additional Packages Installed with Application Manager Node

No additional packages are installed with the Application Manager Node package.

Gather Installation Data

Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

Commvault package to install

Install the Application Manager Node package, which is listed under the Server category.

Client computer details

If the File System Agent or another package is already installed on the computer, you are not required to gather all the computer details again. The level of detail depends on how the package you selected is installed, as follows:

  • For installations using the CommCell Console, the installation program requests only the name of the client computer.

For installations using the installation package, the installation program reads the details from the previous installation.