Preinstallation Checklist for Metrics Reporting Server

The Metrics Reporting Server allows you to access reports that help you to monitor CommCell environments with multiple CommServe computers. For more information, see Metrics Reports.

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where the Private Metrics Reporting Server will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

Verify System Requirements

Verify that the computer where you will install the Metrics Reporting Server satisfies the minimum requirements. For more information, see System Requirements - Private Metrics Reporting Server.

Verify Service Plan Requirements

Based on the licensing mechanism used in your CommCell environment, verify that the CommCell has the required licenses to use the Private Metrics Reporting Server.

Determine the Installation Location

Based on your environment, install the Metrics Reporting Server

  • The CommServe computer where you want to host reports.

  • A separate computer where you want to host reports. In this case, you will associate the Metrics Reporting Server with a CommServe computer during the installation. You will also need to install SQL Server Agent in order to perform disaster recovery backups of the CVCloud database.

Gather Installation Data

Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

You can install the Metrics Reporting package only by using the installation package created by the Download Manager.

Commvault package to install

  • Install the Metrics Server package, which is listed under the Server category. The Metrics Server package is automatically selected when you select the CommServe package.

  • If you plan to install the Metrics Server package on its own server, separate from the production CommServe computer, then you must also install the SQL Server Agent package.

Destination folder for the Metrics Report Database

By default, the Metrics Report Database is installed in C:\Program Files\CommVault\ContentStore.

You can change the destination folder, but it cannot be on a mapped network drive.