Registering a CommServe Server on the Cloud Services Portal

If you do not already have a cloud user account, then you must create one and associate your CommServe server with your new cloud user account.

  • You can register only v10 or v11 CommServe servers through the Cloud Services Portal using this method.

  • Registration is mandatory even if you already have an account with the Maintenance Advantage Portal. The Cloud Services Portal and the Maintenance Advantage Portal have separate registrations.


Do not register a Disaster Recovery (DR) CommServe server with the Cloud Services Portal. Because the DR CommServe server shares a CommCell ID with the production CommServe server, the Cloud Services Portal perceives the second CommServe registration as a duplicate and the registration fails.


  1. Go to the Cloud Services Portal.

  2. Click Register.

  3. Complete the registration form.

  4. Under CommCell Product Info, enter the identifying information for the CommServe server:

    • CommCell ID (in HEX)

    • CommCell IP

    • Registration Code

    • Serial Number

    To find any of this information, see Viewing and Copying CommCell Product Information.

  5. Under Please solve the following Math problem, enter the appropriate number, and then click Register.

    Your CommServe server is registered, and a confirmation email is sent with your Commvault ID details. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a reasonable period, contact Customer Support and include the CommServe ID for the CommServe server that you are trying to register. To contact Customer Support, go to the Maintenance Advantage Customer Support Portal.