Renewing a Revoked Certificate in a Locked-Down CommCell Environment

If you revoked a certificate in a locked-down CommServe host or when the client was offline, a temporary certificate is needed to allow the CommServe machine to validate the identity of the client. This procedure also applies when you revoke a certificate while the client is offline.


  1. On the CommCell Console ribbon's Home tab, click Control Panel > Certificate Administration > Temp Certificate.

  2. In the Client Name list, select the name of the client with the revoked certificate, and then click Create.

    The client certificate appears.

  3. Click Copy to Clipboard, and then paste the certificate content into a new file named export.txt.

  4. Click Close.

  5. On the client computer, copy the certificate file to the software_installation_directory/Base/Certificates folder on Windows clients (or the software_installation_directory/Base/certificates folder on UNIX clients), and then restart the client services.

  6. In the Certificate Administration dialog box, confirm that the certificate for the client appears with a Status of Active, and then click OK.