Reports for Virtual Server Agents

The following reports are available for Virtual Server Agents.



Backup Job Summary Report (CommCell Console)

Backup Job Summary Report (Web)

Shows a detailed status for each virtual machine included in backups.

The Web report appears in your default web browser. It contains detailed information about selected virtualization clients, such as status, backup size, the exact name of the operating system installed on each virtual machine, and whether integration services are installed on the virtual machine.

CommCell Readiness Report

Provides important information about potential problems that can impact your backup and restore operations.

Restore Job Summary Report

Provides a summary of all restore jobs during a specified time period for each client. For full virtual machine restore jobs, you can also view the list of virtual machines restored for the job.

Custom Reports

The following custom reports are available for virtualization:



DataStore Report

The DataStore Report displays the datastore associated with each virtualization subclient.

System Discovery Tool

The System Discovery Tool collects information about virtual machines for a hypervisor. The tool collects information such as virtual machine size and creates a Virtual Machine Infrastructure Report.

Reports for VMware



System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for VMware vCenter

The VMware vCenter System Discovery and Archive Analyzer collects information about virtual machines for a VMware vCenter. The tool collects information such as virtual machine size, performance metrics, and power off days and status, and collects information that you can submit to create a CommVault Virtual Machine Analytics Report.

This capability enables you to analyze VM usage, predict the results of using VM archiving, and estimate disk space savings that would be reclaimed by VM archiving. The tool is a non-intrusive and highly secure external utility that does not make any changes to your vCenter or Commvault configuration.

Virtual Machine Infrastructure Report for VMware

The Virtual Machine Infrastructure Report displays storage and license requirements for virtual machine protection in your VMware environment. You can get virtual machine information for one or more CommCell environments, connecting to each vCenter and getting information for protected and unprotected virtual machines. This report summarizes the coverage needed for your current VMware environment and as a basis for requesting capacity licenses, VM licenses, or socket licenses for VM protection.