SAP Archive Link

SAP Archive Link agent provides a versatile data repository solution that can be integrated with the SAP Archive software. The powerful architecture provides flexible implementation options to suit diverse functional domains. The Archive Link agent provides a web service interface through which you can access the backed up data.

You can deploy the SAP Archive Link agent in one of the following ways:

  • The software provides a ready-to-use integration with SAP Archive software. You can link the SAP Archive software to SAP Archive Link agent and use the agent as the SAP Archive repository.

  • Use the standard user interface available with the Commvault suite.

With new installations of V11 SP7 and later service packs, the SAP Archive Link agent uses Commvault ObjectStore repository to store the SAP Archive data. The agent uses REST APIs to move the data to the ObjectStore. The data on the ObjectStore is backed up based on the settings of the storage policy associated with the ObjectStore client.

For existing SAP Archive Link clients that have V10 or V11 SP6 and earlier service packs, the SAP Archive Link agent uses UNIX file system backups and stores the index information of the backed up data in a PostgreSQL database.

In both the cases, the SAP Archive Link solution is supported by the CommServe and MediaAgent at the backend and provides sophisticated storage management features such as encryption, compression, deduplication, retention, and data aging.


The Archive Link documentation uses the following terminology:


The computer in which the agent is installed and contains the data that will be protected.


The data path for the content repository on the server (SAP Archive Link Client) to which data will be uploaded for data protection.